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Saab 9-4X

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Q:how many knock sensor on 2012 malibu ??
A shopper
A:BEST ANSWERHi, I'm glad to help you out. Upon checking, there's only one knock sensor. Click on the link below to get back to the item page and take advantage of the sale price. I hope this helps. Happy shopping. https://www.carparts.com/knock-sensor/replacement/rc31120004?can=cpab2020 Show less
Andrew B.
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Shopping for Saab 9-4X Parts

When it comes to compact luxury crossover vehicles, you can never go wrong with your Saab 9-4X. True to its category, it is really opulent and comfortable. With all that luxury come great handling capabilities and excellent engine performance, so what more can you ask for, right? Perhaps, you are looking for ways on how to reduce your fuel consumption. You don't need to search further. Here are tips on how to do just that:

  • Avoid constant short trips—make one big trip instead when you are going to do errands.

More fuel is required when you start from a cold engine. And for the first five miles, you also use up more fuel. So instead of constantly starting from a cold engine, why not combine all your errands to make one big trip? While you are at it, plan the shortest route. This will not only help you save on fuel, but it will also help save you precious time. Do avoid the rush hours when you are going to do your errands. Traffic jams will make your vehicle consume more fuel. It will also help a lot if you anticipate the traffic. Driving slowly and steadily is better rather than accelerating and stopping suddenly when the car in front of you stops.

  • Don't use the air-conditioning if you don't really need it.

You may not notice it, but your car uses up more fuel when you keep your air-conditioning unit turn on all the time. Turn it off if you don't have the need for it. If your a/c is on all the time, it will definitely shorten your vehicle's fuel mileage, more so if you are driving at a low speed.

  • Remove unnecessary things that add weight to reduce drag on your vehicle.

If you have no use for your roof rack, bike rack, or ski rack, why keep it installed in your car? It increases drag and makes your car look ugly. Also, you don't have to carry around unnecessary weight in your car all the time. Leave your sports equipment at home if you are not going to use them. Not only do they add weight, but they also use up space that you can use for other more important things. Leave those golf clubs or tennis rackets at home if you are not going to the country club.

  • Accelerate smoothly and avoid stepping on the gas pedal too far down.

When you accelerate suddenly, you use up more fuel. Instead, change into high gear and travel at a constant speed. Impatient drivers use up more fuel than you think. It is also safer for you and the others on the same road as you. The same goes when you step on the gas pedal too far down. Instead of stepping on the gas pedal too hard, change into low gear instead. If you are an impatient speed driver, you are going to need to put up a bigger budget for fuel.

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