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Saturn LS2

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Q:Is there any possible way that the price could be negotiated either one cent less or one cent more?  I need this part some kinda bad because while driving down the road at night with lights on if I hit a bump all my lights will completely go out at times and i can use my left turn signal but i cannot use my right turn signal or else I lose all lights as well. The reason I'm asking about the price is because as the price sits at $22.99 my tax is $6.66 and i cannot bring myself to go through with the purchase. Please consider Thanks,  Marti Weaver Show Less
A:BEST ANSWERHi Marti, I'm glad to help you out. The item is already on clearance sale, so we can't discount it any further. You can use the link below to order and take advantage of the limited stocks left. I hope this helps. Happy shopping. https://www.carparts.com/turn-signal-switch/replacement/reps505801?can=cpab2020 Show less
Andrew B.
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Saturn LS2: Interesting Facts

  • The Saturn LS2 is part of the L-series, which had five models in the lineup. The prototype for the series was named “Innovate”.
  • The LS2 was one of the first mid-sized models manufactured by General Motors. The company had focused solely on subcompact cars before the debut of the L-series.
  • The design of the front-wheel-drive LS was based on GM's European model, the German Opel Vectra. However, the Saturn sedan was larger in size and used different parts.
  • The L-series was built at the Wilmington, Delaware plant of General Motors.
  • Looking at the designs, many branded the LS2 as a rehash of the two best-selling midsized cars: the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord. Like the two models, the LS2 had a 106-inch wheelbase and measured 190 inches long. Even the dashboard of the sedan looks similar to the two; it had round analog gauges and climate control in the center.
  • When the series debuted, the LS1 model featured power windows, a keyless entry feature, and other comfort features. The LS2 focused on features that will improve the drive which include: fog lights, a V6 engine, anti-lock brakes, and a 4-speed automatic transmission. The 4-speed auto transmission was only offered as an option for 4-cylinder models, while the anti-lock brakes with traction control were available for all models.
  • The LS2 went through two rebranding. The first once happened a year after the series' debut. All the models in the lineup received new names. The standard model was named L100, with which the names of the variations were based (LS1 was branded as L200, LS2 as L300, LW1 as LW200, and LW2 as LW300). The second rebranding happened three years after the first one. The entire L-series was officially named “L300”; hence the former LS2 model got the name of L300.2. This version had the same specs as before but was now offered with a 3.0L V6 engine.
  • 2001 proved to be a year of upgrades and improvements for LS2. The sedan was given a larger fuel tank (upgraded to 59.0L), shoulder belts for the center seat at the back, as well as head curtain side airbags.
  • The last L300 was produced on 17th June 2004, following poor sales.