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Step -by-Step Guide to Fix a Chevrolet Seat Belt

The seat belt is your firsthand protection against bumps and crashes. Due to a variety of reasons, your Chevrolet seat belt may eventually show some signs of wear and defectiveness. To repair a twisted seat belt, a jammed belt, or a faulty seat belt retractor, here is a step-by-step guide to lead you through the repair process.

Difficulty level: Easy

Things you'll need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Adjustable pliers
  • Lubricant
  • Rags
  • Protective gloves
  • Safety glasses

Step 1:To start fixing a faulty Chevrolet seat belt retractor, get the screwdriver and start taking out the mounting screws of seat belt retractor in the cover. You can find the cover directly below the shoulder mount of your Chevrolet seat belt. Loosen the mounting screws counterclockwise and take them out as well as the cover. Set these aside. In case you just want to reset a jammed belt, try pulling gently to release it from its auto-lock function. Then, get an appropriate lubricant for the inside of the buckle mechanism. Usually, a stuck seat belt may be caused by sticky deposit formation inside the mechanism. You can just apply a little amount of lubricant. This will also keep your buckle clean and prevent future stuck-ups.

Step 2:Use adjustable pliers on the mounting bolt of the retractor to loosen it and take it out. Also, remove the adjuster cover and the adjuster bolt. Next, take out the mounting bolt of the lower lap belt, then hold firmly on to the retractor in one hand and pull the retractor down the free end of the seat belt. In case the seat belt is located at the back seat, you will have to pull the seats down to reach the belt's mechanism that is usually in the trunk section or under the trunk's floor. Completely pull out the seat belt to see any tangles, bends, or foreign materials that may be causing the belt to be stuck. You can use needle nose pliers to remove any objects that are stuck in the belt loop. Make sure to pull gently to avoid fraying the strap.

Step 3:Put in the Chevrolet seat belt into the new retractor and shift it up towards its mounting point. Reattach the mounting bolt of the lower lap belt and make sure to tighten it with adjustable pliers.

Step 4:Reattach the retractor adjustment bolt and tighten it firmly. Let the seat belt slide back into position. Make sure it releases and locks into position. In case the seat belt slips back twisted, hold on to the belt firmly below the guide and turn it in the opposite way of the twist. You will see the belt fold up in the guide. Gently force the belt through the guide to untwist. When everything is satisfactory, put back the cover on the retractor.

Step 5:Align the bolt hole of the retractor on the mounting bracket. Put in the mounting bolt and secure properly with the pliers. Place the cover and screw in the mounting screws.

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