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Dorman 924-227 Seat Bracket - Black, Direct Fit, Sold individually
Vehicle Info Required to Guarantee Fit
Product Details
Location : Front, Driver SideNotes : Steel MaterialWarranty : Lifetime Dorman limited warrantyAnticipated Ship Out Time : Same day - 1 business dayQuantity Sold : Sold individuallyProp 65 Warning :

Warning SymbolWARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Acrylonitrile, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Key Parts 0849-245 Seat Bracket - Black, Direct Fit
Key Parts®
Part Number: FIT0849245
Vehicle Info Required to Guarantee Fit
Product Details
Location : RearWarranty : Key Parts limited warrantyAnticipated Ship Out Time : 25-26 business days
Teraflex 4934200 Seat Bracket - Direct Fit, Kit
Part Number: TER4934200
Vehicle Info Required to Guarantee Fit
Product Details
Warranty : TeraFlex Limited WarrantyAnticipated Ship Out Time : 7-10 business daysQuantity Sold : Kit
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Seat Bracket Guides

Quick Tips in Buying Seat Brackets

Most people are quite content with their car's seat brackets. If you're reading this, then you probably aren't like most people. Perhaps, you're quite uncomfortable with your current driver's seat bracket-you may find it too high, too low, or badly angled. And as a driver, being uncomfortable in any way can affect your driving.

If you're quite content with your seat brackets in the front and the second row, then perhaps you may want to mount new brackets on the unused space on the back of your van or SUV instead. It's unfortunate that your van or SUV didn't come with third row seats, but yeah, you can always do something about it. All you'll need are bench seat brackets and a bench seat.

If it's not either of the above, then you might want to furnish your performance car with a racing seat. That means you'll need a specialized seat bracket to accommodate that.

Whether you want to replace or add seat brackets, we'll give you some pointers on how to choose the perfect bracket for you.

Seat Bracket Types

Although there are universal seat brackets, seat brackets normally specialize in a particular area of a vehicle. For instance, front seat brackets are different from bench seat brackets. Even a driver's seat bracket can be different from a front passenger seat bracket. And as mentioned above, racing seat brackets are very different from the regular variety.

Height and Position

Again, it's best to go with a seat bracket that you can be comfortable with. Especially for the driver's seat bracket, choose one that's at your preferred height and can be positioned to your liking.

Tip: Measure the height of your old bracket before buying a new one. If you find the old one to be too high, get one that's lower. Obviously, get a taller bracket if the old one is too low.


Seat brackets normally cost around $40-$60. The universal variants are usually cheaper than the more specialized ones. Needless to say, racing seat brackets are the most expensive type of brackets.

DIY Project: Car Seat Brackets

While a seat bracket may seem like an obscure automotive component, it does play a role in both passenger safety and comfort. For a driver, it's important that the seat bracket is positioned properly and is at the right height to avoid any driving discomfort. To achieve that, you may have to replace the seat bracket in the driver's seat.

If your driver's seat bracket is fine, then perhaps you want to add third row seat brackets on the back of your van or your SUV. As you know, not all vans or SUVs are furnished with a third row seat even though they have the space. Instead of paying other people to add a third row seat bracket for you, why not do it yourself? You'll save a lot of money that way.

Replacing or adding seat brackets aren't difficult by any means. In fact, it'll only take you a few minutes. See the steps below on how to replace or add bracket seats.

Replacing Front Seat Brackets

Difficulty level: Easy

  • Socket/Wrench
  • Drill (with a drill bit)
  • Screwdriver
  • Chalk

Step 1: Find the bolts that hold the front seat (either the driver's or the passenger's) in place. Grab your socket or wrench and remove them. You should be able to take out the seat after that.

Step 2: Now, remove all the screws that secure the seat bracket. Take out the old bracket afterwards.

Step 3: Fit your new seat bracket in its place. If your new seat bracket is pretty much the same as your old one, then the only thing left to do is to screw the new one in place. Otherwise, you may have to drill new holes. Before you drill through the floor though, it's best to mark the spot where you'll be drilling with a chalk (for accuracy purposes).

Step 4: Once you're done drilling, position the new seat bracket and secure it in place with screws. Reattach the front seat afterwards.

Installing Third Row Seat Brackets

Difficulty level: Easy

  • Socket
  • Chalk
  • Cutting torch
  • Carpet cutter

Step 1: Take out any items from the back of your vehicle that would get in the way-a spare tire, extra mirrors, clothing hangers, boxes, baskets, etc. If possible, fold the second row seat as well. You'll want to free up the area as much as possible.

Step 2: Now that you're all set, remove the floor liner or carpet (or roll it up). There may be bolts that secure the liner or the carpet in place, remove them if there are any. Afterwards, remove the back floor panel as well.

Step 3: Get your brackets and attach it to the seat that you'll be using. Once the brackets are secured into the third row seat, position it in the spot where you'll be mounting it. Grab a chalk and mark the area on the back floor panel (near the smaller rectangular pockets on the bottom of the brackets).

Step 4: Grab your cutting torch to remove the marked rectangles in the back floor panel. This is where you'll be securing the seat brackets. Do that now and screw them in place.

Step 5: Take your carpet cutter and use it to cut holes for each bracket. These holes will allow the brackets to be attachable to the seats.

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