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No matter how tidy you are, the seats in your Acura will take a lot of abuse over the life of the vehicle. If you would like to renew the look of your vehicle or protect the seats before they become stained or damaged, our online catalog has many versions of the Acura seat cover for every position in your vehicle. They come in many different styles and versions, so you are sure to find at least one that will look good with your vehicle and fit with your personal style. For the factory look, we have several colors of the Acura seat cover available, featuring the standard upholstery style. We also offer versions with soft plush material or custom colors and printed patterns. For those with long commutes, we offer versions of the Acura seat cover that have built-in comforts, such as massage beads. All versions of our Acura seat cover are built to the highest quality standards and are guaranteed to fit your vehicle. For instance, if you have adjustable headrests, the unit will be designed to allow the headrest to move. The Acura seat cover simply slips over your seat, and it is secured with a variety of tough fasteners. It will protect your seats for many years, and it comes with a full warranty from the manufacturer. In addition to the Acura seat cover, our online catalog has many other products that will help top protect your vehicle, as well as many performance and replacement parts. You can order your Acura seat cover set by phone, toll-free, or through our secure online ordering system, and your order will arrive soon, thanks to our quick shipping.

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