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Purchasing the Best Seat Padding for Your Car

A seat padding, which can also include padding for your baby or infant car seat, is a car accessory that ensures the comfort of your seat. Every car comes complete with a complete set of car seat padding upholstery. However, sometimes accidents happen. A ballpoint pen could puncture the cushion, exposing its foam and necessitating replacement. There are also accessory seat paddings that you can put on top of your car for additional support, particularly in the case of infant car seats. If you plan to buy one of these, read on below to help you get started.

What to Search for in Terms of Seat Padding

  1. Safety Concerns: One of the most important considerations when it comes to cushion shopping is safety. For infant car seats, they should meet federal safety standards for a 30-miles-per-hour crash test and sport a JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturer Association) stamp on the box. Ditto with replacement adult car seats, but in those cases you usually have OEM-standard specs and going with a compatible cushion or seat for your make and model of car as a handy reference.
  2. Breakthrough Design: On top of replacements of the car seat cushion you've damaged, there are also customized car seat cushions available that advertise therapeutic benefits to sciatica and other similar painful spinal conditions. These custom-made car seats and cushions properly cushion your body for optimal comfort, health, and recovery. You won't only get a cushion replacement but also an improvement in these aspects.
  3. Spring versus Foam: Cars in the olden days use springs as part of the upholstery. Cars nowadays use special foam for the most part. There are also cars that make use of a combination of both. Which one should you go with? It's best that you buy an OEM-standard replacement in accordance to the specs of your car. If your original seat is mostly made of foam or requires spring replacement, then replace with duplicates of the original.
  4. Orthopedic or Ergonomic Comfort: Certain seat padding replacements or accessories for your car provide superior comfort by reducing pressure on your hip bones, tailbone, or coccyx while you're sitting and driving. You should look for these seats that promote better posture, even weight distribution, and proper spine alignment when you sit on them in accordance to their claims and their individual specs.
  5. Extensiveness of the Damage: Whether you buy a blend down, spring and down, spring and foam, wrapped foam, or foam and fiber cushion, it all depends on the extensiveness of the damage on the car seat upholstery itself. If it's a spring and foam type of seat, you'll only have to replace the springs along with the cushion if the damage reaches all the way down to the base of the seat. You might even have to buy backrest cushion or a whole seat depending on the situation.


When buying a car seat cushion replacement or accessory, you should know your needs. For the sake of a baby seat cushion, you should know your child, his age, his height, and his weight to determine the size of the seat and when it's time to get a bigger seat. When buying a replacement, go with the original specs of the cushions you're replacing to err on the side of caution. When buying a cushion accessory for therapeutic or relaxing purposes, it's still best to know the make and model of car to ensure fitment with the original upholstery.

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