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The air intake is more like an air pump sucking in air to be used by the vehicle's internal combustion engine system. It improves combustion resulting to reduce emission and better engine performance. Knowing such important function that the air intake plays makes it even vital that you choose only a high quality air intake kit provided by an equally trusted brand like the SL.

Aside from the SL air intake kit, the other product that the brand is renowned for is its topnotch alternator. The alternator is a component that produces direct current used for recharging the battery and for powering the vehicle's electrical devices and accessories such as headlights, ignition coils, radio, a/c, engine cooling fans, etc. By the way the alternator converts the power from the gasoline engine to electrical energy to keep the vehicle to continuously perform. It's for these reasons that you need to purchase only the best quality alternator available.

The thing that made SL a competitive brand is its dedication to details, which has helped it to produce the high quality products that we are enjoying today. It has made use of the highest quality materials in the production of its products employing only the latest technology and the best personnel available to ensure that the production process proceed seamlessly. The brand is continuously growing and innovating to provide its customer with better new products.

Discover the SL Corporation Advantage: One of South Korea's Best Automotive Component Makers

SL Corporation is a South Korean multinational automotive parts manufacturing company with plants in the United States, Europe, India, and the Asia-Pacific. Its headquarters are at Gyeongsan. It traces its origins back in 1954, with Samlip Motor Works and its manufacturing of bicycle parts. Then, in 1968, the corporation was incorporated into Samlip Industrial Co. Ltd. A year later, it began making Hyundai Motors headlamps.

Eventually, in 2004 and under Lee Choong Kong's leadership as CEO, the name of Samlip was changed to SL Corporation. At present, the company makes various automotive industry products, including power train system components, door system components, front end modules, lamps and exterior lighting systems, car mirrors,chassis and steering system components, and suspension system components. This is why SL has received the five-star quality certificate from Hyundai-Kia motors and the GM Supplier of the Year award from 1997-2012.

Multiple automotive electronics solutions

SL Corporation makes powertrain system components for driveline or drivetrain usage. They cover components on the portion of an automobile (after the transmission) that change whether the vehicle is a four-wheel, rear-wheel, or front-wheel drive (as well as six-wheel and eight-wheel drive). The powertrain components of SL dependably transform stored energy into kinetic energy for vehicular propulsion. These parts include the clutch, gearbox, torque converter, propeller shaft, rear axle, final drive, differential, and so forth.

They also make door system components that regulate car access such asdoor locks and latches (manual and electronic), switches, windows, handles, pillar, interior storage compartment, and car alarm systems connected to the door. As for front end modules, SL Corporation offers all sorts of collision-protection, body frame, and HVAC systems that meets car manufacturer standards and lowers replacement costs at the same time. These modules properly illuminate and improve the appearance and style of the vehicle as well.

Safety-ensuring lamps, exterior lighting systems, and mirrors

SL Corporation is also a supplier of mirrors (rearview mirrors, side mirrors, and glass used to protect lighting), exterior lighting systems (your headlights and rear or taillights), and interior lamps galore. These supplies cover applications for medium-to-heavy trucks as well as most automobiles. Multipurpose components include under-the-hood components, electric connectors, and componentry as well. The lighting offerings of SL are comprehensive and advanced, ensuring that you'll have a better and safer driving experience.

They have bulbs, housings, and halos for all sorts of (Korean-made or otherwise) cars. You'll get the right (and legal) brightness for your headlight bulbs, the best light transmission from your headlight housing, and the right styles and colors for your taillight options. As for the replacement mirror glass of SL, they have glass offerings for cracked or smashed glass that doesn't require a complete wing mirror unit replacement.

Reliable chassis, steering, and suspension system components

When driving, the most important thing you need to have is control. You should have enough ability to dictate the speediness and slowness of your car. The SL Corporation specifically offers rack and pinion plus steering wheel components as well as power steering solutions. The parts of your automobile responsible for giving you this amount of control are components for your suspension, chassis, and steering systems.

This also includes the load-carrying, structural-dictating frame, the weight-supporting and shock-absorbing suspension system, the driver-controlled steering system, and the motion-inducing tires and wheels (which should have the right amount of grip and traction to keep your vehicle from spinning out of control in most situations). SL has a huge library of parts manufactured to make sure all these systems are running in harmony.

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