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Basic Guidelines in Selecting a Snow Plow

With the range of snowplows in the market nowadays, people are bombarded with a number of available choices. However, you shouldn't just fall for the marketing hype and end up buying the wrong plow you will definitely regret later on. You should ask yourself these following simple questions to determine the snowplow that will be right for your needs.

1.What sort of plowing will you be dealing? Are you just going to clear your own driveway or do you plan to do a good deed for your entire neighborhood by plowing their properties and the local sidewalks as well? If you plan on doing the latter, you might need a wider plow to save time for the process.

2.How frequent will you be plowing? This will depend on the weather your place is experiencing. If you clearing, snow season. However, you may choose to remove your blade after plowing and install it again in times of need.

3.What kind of truck will you be using? The size and kind of plow you must use should also fot the truck you have. Essentially, your truck's size and capacity must match the size of the plow you are going to use. Watch out for your vehicle's Front Gross Axel Weight Rating (FGAWR), when you add plow to your truck, you cannot go beyond this weight. In other words, if you buy a plow that is too big for your it is loaded with snow. Big is not necessarily better all the time.

4.What kind of plow will be best for your budget? Do you have an idea how much are you going to spend for a new plow? If you are looking for a commercial grade products, the V-plow will be in the $6000 range. On the other hand, straight blades are slightly lesser in terms of costs. But this also depends on the models. If you want a plow purely for home use, a 7'or 7'6”straight blade will suffice. These products generally range from about $3000 to $4500.

5.Should you buy a used plow or a new one? Of course, it is always exciting to buy new products. However, sometimes buying new isn't always practical as buying used especially when you have a limited budget. This is something to consider with every machine purchase. There is nothing wrong in buying second-hand equipment. If you choose to buy a second-hand plow, establish a trusted relationship with your dealer and be wise in checking it with possible hidden defects.

6.What type of snowplow blade will you need? You can find several different types of blade for your ATV. Choose from the following:

a.The Straight Steel Blade which is known for its quality, strength and long life.

b.The Poly Plow Blade which is lighter than the steel blades. This type of plow is known for its being stainless and inexpensive compared to steel blades.

c.The State Steel Plow Blade. Its shape allows the snow to move one side of the plowing path.

d.The Vee Blade which is suited for deep snows of 10”plus.

There you have it! When you consider all these factors, you have a good chance of finding an excellent snow plow to specifically suit your need.

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