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Not all drivers can drive fast and stay safe at the same time; only a few who've had years of practice and experience can do that. Along with practice and experience comes the development of habits crucial in driving safely, such as momentarily scanning the speedometer and making quick adjustments to control a car's speed. But all that won't be possible without a speed sender.The sender is like a motion sensor; it measures how fast the drive train spins and converts this information to your car's speed reading. It's a pretty simple task, but the sender contributes a lot to your driving safety.Without a functional sender, you also run the risk of driving past speed limits, which, aside from being extremely dangerous, makes you a prime target for those expensive speeding tickets. So to avoid the hassle, make sure the speed sender is in good shape. If you need a good replacement sender, you can easily find one at Carparts.

• Provides accurate speed readings

• Designed as a direct-fit replacement for stock speed senders

• Available for most engine types and compatible with most speedometers

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