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Pontiac Vibe Splash Shield: Pointing Out the Problem

From the classic movie "Forrest Gump," we recall this timeless quote about life: "life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." Same goes to your vehicle, you never know what's down there on the road as you drive. Thus, having splash shields on your Pontiac Vibe hatchback keeps your tires from all kinds of debris that the road has to offer; having a worn-out splash shield, however, is another story. When it starts to mess up, here are some tips on what you can do:

Rattling noise

You are peacefully driving your Pontiac Vibe hatchback until you heard a rattling and flapping sound somewhere. Check your wheels; it could just be your splash shield's bolts that became loose over time. Like any other components, the bolts and screws of your Vibe's splash guard will eventually rust, wear out, or get lost. When this happens, you should tighten or replace them immediately to prevent the shield from falling off. You can also replace corroded screws as they will surely give in sooner or later.

Splash shield won't fit

You just bought a replacement splash shield, but upon installation, you realize that it won't fit; the size is either too small or too big for your car. This only happens if you didn't buy the right splash shield for your car's specific make, model, and year. Since splash shields come in unique sizes to perfectly fit and match a vehicle's specifications, you should make sure to buy one that is based on your Vibe's specs. We do not advise that you cut your splash shield or force it in; we suggest that you return it to the manufacturer and have it replaced with one that is fit for your car.

Broken splash shield

As an auto part that protects the wheels from all kinds of debris, the splash shield is in great risk of premature wear. Although it is made from durable plastic, fiberglass, or steel, it will inevitably succumb to wear and tear. When this happens, you have to replace the broken splash shield with a new one immediately. Keeping a broken or cracked splash shield puts your wheels at risk, which could be very costly and troublesome.

Four Easy Tips to Maintain your Pontiac Vibe Splash Shield

Picture this: You are walking peacefully when a bus passed by and splashed some mucky flood water on you. For sure, you'll be pissed. Now, think of that bus' splash shields. They were installed there to take all the water splashes and the road debris that the road could ever offer, just so the wheels won't get all beaten up. Same goes with your Pontiac Vibe's splash shields. Isn't it time to give them a break? Here's how you can show some love to your good old shields:

Keep it clean.

Nothing beats giving your splash shields a cool, warm bath. Whenever you wash your car, make sure to get down and wash them with soap and water. Remove all the debris that could cause severe damage to them. Clean each one of them regularly to ensure that they are fit to do their function efficiently.

Check for damage.

Even splash shields made from high-quality steel also wear out--thanks to corrosion and debris. So if you have this type of shield, inspect each of them for rust spots and remove them using sand paper. You can also apply rust-proofing spray to keep them from rusting. For plastic or fiberglass shields, replace them once they are cracked or dented. This is to ensure that they won't fall off if they get broken eventually.

Tighten bolts.

Since splash shields are installed using bolts and screws, these mounting hardware are vulnerable to rust and premature wear due to their exposure to water and dirt. Check the bolts and screws periodically to see if there is a need to tighten or replace them. There could also be missing screws that you need to replace to keep the splash shields from falling off your car.

Replace worn-out splash shields.

If your Pontiac Vibe is already three years old or more, chances are, its stock splash shields are about to wear out. Or if you've recently encountered a car crash and your splash shields got broken, then you should replace them immediately to avoid debris and dirt from coming into the car's components. Replacement splash shields are available in most auto parts stores.

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