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Choosing the Right Spot Mirror

Blind spots can usually be a hindrance to driving well. We've all been there-we've all tried changing lanes when a vehicle suddenly appears, and we didn't see it in our regular side view mirrors. Thankfully, spot mirrors can be used to cover some of the blind spots when driving. They're actually like having an extra pair of eyes. Similar to selecting eyeglasses for a person, the right spot mirror should be chosen to be able to avoid all kinds of driving accidents.

What are the types of spot mirrors?

Spot on mirrors are generally classified according to their shape and design.

  • Round spot mirror: This type of spot mirror is the most common; it is actually quite small. This spot mirror can be easily stuck on the top or bottom part of your side view mirror. Some round spot mirrors come in a stick-on design, while for larger vehicles, they can be installed. Curve-shaped side view mirrors would be the round spot mirror's perfect match.
  • Square spot mirror: This type of spot mirror is only slightly larger than the round type. It can be easily placed on the top or the bottom of your side view mirror. Some square spot mirrors can be easily attached by sticking them on; others can be installed, especially for larger vehicles. This type of spot mirror is best for side view mirrors that are either rectangular in shape or sharp-edged.
  • Wedge spot mirror: This has a versatile design that fits most vehicles. Most wedge spot mirrors also come in a wide angle view. While some wedge spot mirrors can be easily attached to the side view mirrors with their stick-on design, others need to be mounted, like those used in larger vehicles. For car owners who prefer a mirror with an eclectic design, this type will best suit them.
  • Adjustable stick-on mirror: This type of spot mirror sticks onto its base via pivot; it can be adjusted to any desired position easily. This mirror comes in all shapes: round, square, and wedge.

What are other things to consider before buying a spot mirror?

Before finally buying a spot mirror, find out first what placement is right for you. The desired placement varies from person to person. This will also help you select what type of shape or design would best suit your car. Usually, spot mirrors are designed depending on your car's make and model. Most auto parts stores have spot mirrors in their stock. All you have to do is to choose the right one for your car and your driving needs. Although the design of the spot mirror won't affect your car's performance at all, choosing the right one will help you drive more safely.

5 Steps to Replace Your Spot Mirror

Sometimes, your car's side view mirrors might not just be enough to help you see that vehicle trailing behind you. The spot mirrors are small mirrors that are attached to your side view mirrors, which help you see your blind spots better. Whether your old spot mirrors are damaged or are attached in the wrong position, replacing your spot mirrors can be done in a jiffy.

Difficulty level: Easy

Things that you'll need:

  • Penetrating oil and water-displacing spray
  • Alcohol pad
  • New blind spot mirror

Step 1: Detach your old blind spot mirror. Usually, the adhesive backing on the mirror will not move without using a lubricant or solvent. The old blind spot mirror should slide right off without damaging your car's main mirror.

Step 2: Use an alcohol pad to clean the main mirror. Lightly rub the mirror, removing any excess adhesive or debris. This way, the new blind spot mirror stick better.

Step 3: Select a spot either on the top outside corner or the bottom outside corner of your side view mirror. Peel off the paper backing of your blind spot mirror and stick it to the mirror.

Step 4: Secure the mirror using the adhesive backing. It is also important to make sure that you place it firmly in the correct position. It helps if you're on the driver's seat since this makes it easier to position the mirror according to your needs.

Step 5: Take your car out for a spin around the block to make sure the mirror is positioned to your liking. You can always adjust the main mirror to get the position you want.

Replacing a blind spot mirror will take just a few minutes. Remember that blind spot mirrors do not completely eliminate blind spots. It is still important to drive with caution and to always keep your eyes on the road.

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