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Steer Your Way to the Right Steering Arm

If you steer to the left but then the car moves to the right, your ride probably has a mind of its own. That or the steering arm is just telling you that it needs to be replaced. Otherwise known as a pitman arm, this is part of the vehicle's chassis that directs input from the steering box to its parts. If yours just broke, then there's really no need to panic. Looking for a new steering arm is easy, however searching for the right one is the tricky part. But don't fret because we have come up with a guide to help you steer your way to the right steering arm.


  • Purchase one from an established brand. Although there are generic products out in the market that are sold at a cheaper price, it's better to be guaranteed that you get better performance with a steering arm that's from a reputable brand.
  • Find a steering arm that's extremely durable. If your old one easily wore out, then it must not be tough enough to weather any kind of condition. When looking for a new one, make sure that it's heavy-duty and will at least last way longer than your old one.
  • Buy a new steering arm with a good warranty. This way, you can return the pitman arm if incase it has defects.
  • Make sure it fits well in your car. Otherwise, you won't get the optimum performance that you deserve.
  • Get customer feedback so that you'd get a hint on the best steering arms in the market and which ones to avoid. You can also go online and read reviews as well.


  • Don't rummage through old scrap parts in your local junkyard. It's true that you get them at a much cheaper price, probably even better than discounted prices, but these secondhand junk have already been exposed to all sorts of things.
  • Don't buy at an impulse. If you find a steering arm that's in your price range doesn't mean there aren't more affordable ones out there. Basically, canvass before settling on a component.

With these tips, you might just steer your way to the right steering arm. Don't forget to explore because there are a lot of brands out there. But don't forget to be careful as well because you wouldn't want to end up jeopardizing your ride with a steering arm coming from a suspicious brand. Enjoy searching for the right one and good luck!

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