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Steering Column Dress Up Kit

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Transdapt 7597 Steering Column Dress Up Kit - Polished, Billet Aluminum, Direct Fit
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Notes : Includes Turn Signal, Tilt Wheel Lever, And Emergency Flasher KnobMaterial : Billet AluminumColor/Finish : PolishedWarranty : 1-year TransDapt limited warrantyAnticipated Ship Out Time : 3-4 business daysQuantity Sold : Set of 3
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Steering Column Dress Up Kit Guides

Five Things to Consider When Buying a Steering Column Dress Up Kit

Are you getting bored with your vehicle's usual appearance? Then you might want to consider spicing up things a bit by purchasing accessories that can enhance your vehicle's appearance and functionality. Your vehicle's steering column is one of the most important components that you need to take care of to keep it running. While you can always maintain it as it is, you might want to invest on a steering column dress up kit to keep it from getting damaged. Aside from that, it can also give your stock steering column added class and style. However, when buying one, you should consider a few factors to ensure that you will only get your money's worth.

Aluminum vs. steel

When buying a steering column dress up kit, choose one that is made from solid billet aluminum. Steel is a bit costly, but aluminum is less prone to corrosion. It actually doesn't rust. You don't need to apply a layer of rustproofing unlike stainless steel. Although steel is definitely tougher, aluminum is more flexible and less prone to breaking apart. You are sure that it will last longer due to its material.

Simple vs. complex appearance

Look for a dress up kit that has a smooth and sleek design than a complex one. It adds class and style to your steering column. Choose one that is easy to install as well. Check if the parts of the kit are complete. It should contain a turn signal lever, a tilt wheel lever, and an emergency flasher knob. Other accessories include an adaptor and a plug.

Direct fit vs. universal

If you want to install the steering column dress up kit by yourself, you should get one that is a direct fit for your vehicle. This is to ensure that you will not encounter any problems during installation. Look for one that can fit perfectly to your vehicle's steering column. Check if the sizes of the parts are the same as your vehicle. You might want to have your trusted mechanic to assess your vehicle's size if you are not that familiar with your vehicle's specifications.

Limited warranty vs. no warranty

Buying a steering column dress up kit online may seem tricky, especially if you cannot see the products before you purchase them. That is why it is important that you ensure that the kit that you will buy online is covered by a warranty. A one-year limited warranty is better than having no warranty at all. This is to ensure that you can still have it replaced in case there is a missing part or a defect in the package.

Aftermarket vs. OEM part

If you are used to buying car parts online, make it a point to look for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part and not an aftermarket part. OEM parts, while not all, are more high-quality than aftermarket ones. They ensure perfect fit specific to your vehicle. They are as good as your stock part since they are made to fit your vehicle's model.

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