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Steering Wheel Installation Kit Guides

A lot of drivers want to improve the way their vehicles behave on the road. The problem is they don't know where to start when it comes to aftermarket modifications. One simple modification that can help start you off is installing an aftermarket steering wheel.You're going to need a steering wheel installation kit, though. Unlike stock steering wheels that usually contain air bags, aftermarket steering wheels are much lighter. Grip is also improved with aftermarket steering wheels, thanks to rubber padding instead of the usual vinyl.Without a steering wheel installation kit, however, an aftermarket steering wheel is useless. Each kit should include all the necessary mounting hardware plus wiring to make the aftermarket steering wheel functional.If you're in need of this kit, there are plenty available at Carparts.

• Includes all the necessary mounting hardware for aftermarket steering wheel

• Helps position the steering wheel at an ideal distance from the driver

• Comes complete with installation instructions

Tips in Selecting a Steering Wheel Installation Kit

There's nothing like the ever-dependable steering wheel installation kit to help you out on all kinds of installation, replacement, maintenance, adjustment, or repair for your automobile's steeling controls. When you, the DIY-er, find it difficult to perform a certain task for your car, you rely on this kit to make things easier for you. With so many kits to choose from, it might be difficult to figure out which one to purchase. Read on and learn some tips in selecting the right steering wheel installation kit for your car.

What are the components of a steering wheel installation kit?

Anything that comes in a kit makes any car problem easier to fix. Among the typical components found inside most steering wheel kits include the handy dandy step-by-step installation instructions, which can come in a handbook or a manual. Other components of a typical steering wheel installation kit are machined, highly polished billet aluminum hub with a 5-bolt pattern and an emblem center cap (designed to be used in place of the 4004 adapter and the standard hub). This kit is very useful for first-time DIY-ers since it gives them all the convenience.

Aside from complete detailed instructions, some other kits include a die cast hub, grade 5 hardware, and matte black trim pieces. However, most kits do not include a horn button. This can be bought separately from auto part shops. Just make sure that you take into account the fact that this component comes in different sizes.

What are other things to consider when selecting a steering wheel installation kit?

The steering wheel installation kit will help ensure that the parts of your steering wheel are arranged properly. We recommend that you purchase a kit so that you wouldn't have to buy the necessary components one by one. Purchasing a kit will give you the advantage.

When selecting the right installation kit for your car's steering wheel, make sure to specify the year, make, and model of your car first. Otherwise, the sizes might not match. Before clicking the ?add to cart' button, check the specs. Once you finally have the steering wheel installation kit, inspect the contents one by one in case there might be missing components.

Now, with your steering wheel installation kit, you simply have to follow the instructions and install the necessary components. The kit will help you install a new steering wheel like a pro in no time.

10 Steps to Replace Your Steering Wheels Using an Installation Kit

Just how are you going to drive with a broken steering wheel? The bad news is you can't. So you would definitely have to get this replaced. The good news is that steering wheel installation kits can come in handy. This kit contains complete step-by-step instructions and other important tools needed to replace your steering wheel.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Tools that you'll need:

  • Steering wheel puller kit
  • Small flat tip screw driver
  • Socket with ratchet or nut driver

Step 1: Take out your manual from your steering wheel installation kit and go through the steps one by one. Make sure that all tools are easily accessible.

Step 2: Pull horn fuse and disconnect the battery before removing the old wheel. Remove the horn mechanism and the emblem cap next. If the horn ring is secured by screws that are hidden in the rear side of the wheel spokes, use a screwdriver to remove them.

Step 3: Pull the horn wire straight out on the metal plunger to remove it. Cut the wire off the plastic sleeve and keep the sleeve. Unbolt the shaft-nut retainer clip, the shaft nut and mark the shaft as a guide.

Step 4: Set a conventional puller into the two tapped holes in the hub of the old wheel. Pull off the steering shaft and remove the original wheel.

Step 5: Install the new steering wheel by placing the small tubular metal sleeve down over the steering shaft. Position the hub on splined shaft and twist the plastic horn contact tube to align it with the hole through the hub.

Step 6: Insert a plastic sleeve and spring without wire into plastic horn housing. Cut down the sleeve if the plastic sleeve extends above the top bolt surface of the custom hub. It should only be 1/8-inch below the top of the hub. After that, remove the sleeve.

Step 7: Insert through the plastic sleeve the wire lead that was supplied in the wheel kit. The bell-shaped end will go into the horn contact housing. Insert the sleeve and wire into the housing and lock into position.

Step 8: Bring the wire around the hub to properly align the wheel. Next, position the post cover and wheel on the hub. The wire lead should pass through the appropriate holes. Fasten the hub, post cover, and wheel together using the three shoulder bolts provided.

Step 9: Reinstall the shaft nut and shaft-nut retainer clip. Remove shoulder bolts and reinstall them. Tighten the shoulder bolts with caution.

Step 10: Connect wire lead to the connector on the retainer ring and position the spring on center nut. Align the dimples of the horn cap with reliefs in fiber material and push into the dimples past the fiber. Turn cap left or right until tight. Finally, reconnect battery or replace fuse.

Replacing your steering wheel can take a few hours to get this done. While it might seem difficult at first, using a steering wheel installation kit will definitely make things much easier for you.

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