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Maybe It is Time to Get a Sway Bar for your Ride. Here’s How to Pick One

Precision vehicle handling is just as important as your engine output and other amenities. There is a saying that horsepower and torque are useless if you have a hard time maneuvering your vehicle on the road. Therefore, you become inclined to invest on good suspension springs and shocks, as well as good brakes. But you can still improve the handling by supplementing these parts. To further stabilize your ride, you can get a sway bar. Here's how to pick one.

What kind of vehicle will be receiving a sway bar upgrade?

Back in the bygone era of cars, sway bars would often come as a day-two modification or would be fabricated to your own preference. This supports the rest of your suspension components in making your vehicle take corners in a better fashion. These days, manufacturers have begun embracing the sway bars as a necessary part for performance vehicles. But that does not mean that your ride is not qualified to get one. If you are really inclined in improving the cornering ability of your vehicle, then by all means consider getting a sway bar.

Your search should always begin with narrowing down the vast selection of parts. This can be achieved by isolating only the bars that are compatible with your vehicle. You can do so by factoring in its year, make, model and trim. It will yield a handful of products to choose from. This approach will usually work for vehicles that are still commonly used on the road, track and other mainstream automotive activities. However, if you are dealing with a unique restoration and vehicle modification, you will have to do careful measurements to make sure a product will fit the vehicle. Not only that, you will also have to consider how much it can affect the handling. If you get the wrong part, you might end up with a vehicle that is too rigid.

How do you intend to use your vehicle?

The main purpose of the sway bar is to keep your vehicle stable when you are taking turns. It reduces the chances of you spinning out when corner at a much faster speed than others. However, you will also need to determine how you intend to use your vehicle before getting a sway bar. This kind of part has different thickness and composition because it is meant to affect the stiffness of your vehicle. Because of this effect, you should know if you are using your ride on the street or on the track. Pro-touring vehicles should have sway bars that are more capable of handling the lateral force derived from making fast turns. On the other hand, if you are only planning to put it on a street machine, you can make do with a sway bar that has a smaller diameter.

Let us look a little bit into the aesthetics

You can treat the sway bar as a part that can also improve the way your vehicle looks. Choose from a wide selection of colors like red, blue and yellow or finishes like powdercoat, chrome and polished. By the time you install it on your vehicle, it can give the look that means real business.

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