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Rolling and swaying are only useful when you're trying to avoid getting hit in a boxing match. When it comes to your vehicle, however, these can bring about riding discomfort and some pretty serious headaches. Fortunately, your auto comes with sturdy suspension and steering components that provide you with a smooth ride. Among these parts is the sway bar link, which is a small component that's located at the end of the front or rear sway bar. The link works with the sway bar to reinforce the suspension system and prevent unwanted body roll. It's with this component as well that you're able to avoid excessive movements during sharp turns and bends. It basically works by assisting the sway bar in lifting the inner wheel to keep the vehicle balanced as it started to bend during a turn.

This component is vital to your driving comfort; unfortunately, it's bound to sooner or later give in to wear and tear. When this happens, your ride won't remain balanced during turns, and will yield unnecessary movements while you drive. As you can imagine, this can be very nauseating. In order to remedy such problems, it comes highly recommended that you replace your busted sway bar link ASAP. And if you want to be able to do so as fast and as efficiently as possible, then you should invest in a handy sway bar link kit.

Everything you need in order to restore your vehicle's balance can be found in a new sway bar link kit. This assembly consists of a solid forged sway bar, bushings, mounting brackets, and links. These hardware are made with solid materials that guarantee reliable and long-lasting functionality. In addition to that, you may opt for a link kit that's adjustable or one that isn't; the choice really is yours. So go ahead and upgrade your ride using a new sway bar link kit.

The Automobile Basics: Sway Bar Link Kit

After the engine, suspension is the next important system considered by auto specialists. Why not, if it is the one that determines the drive and ride experience of its passengers? To ensure the stability of the vehicle, especially when doing turns, it uses a Sway Bar Link Kit. To do just that, it connects the opposite wheels together with the use of short lever arms linked by torsion spring. The Sway Bar Link Kit looks like a U steel structure that connects at the left and right sides of the suspension. When the wheels are moving together, it simply rolls without bending; but when the motion of the wheels are not equal, they are forced to twist as effect of torsion. But if the bar is stiff enough to keep both wheels moving together all the time, there should be no rolls experienced during cornering. This is the reason why most customization works require replacing this bar link with more heavy-duty sway bars. The greater the stiffness of the bar, the greater force needed to make any of the opposing wheels move differently from one another. Since there can only be few occasions where really hard cornering is done, there will be less instances where the wheels will be exposed this kind of scenario. However, if there is a high-quality and strong Sway Bar Link Kit installed body rolls can be eliminated or at least minimized for the passengers to enjoy the riding experience all the time.

Important Facts You Need to Know About Sway Bar Link Kit

Besides keeping your ride comfortable despite road irregularities, the suspension system performs another important function: it prevents body rolls. The suspension system does this through the sway bar. Your vehicle's body tends to roll whenever you make a turn, throwing force to the side of the vehicle on the turn's outer side. The sway bar counteracts this tendency by transferring force between the vehicle's left and right sides. This anti-roll suspension bar connects to the control arm through a sway bar link that controls the centrifugal tendency causing body rolls. With a sway bar, your vehicle stays parallel to the road throughout turns. So to avoid experiencing body rolls, make sure that every component in the stabilizer assembly is in good shape. You can depend on for quality suspension replacement products such like the sway bar link kit. Supplied by the industry's topnotch sway bar link kit manufacturers, you can be sure of the product's quality and durability.

• Helps reduce side sways or body rolls

• Comes complete with the sway bar link, bushings, and hardware

• Built to be tough for durability

What to Look For when Shopping for a Sway Bar Link Kit

Without a properly functioning sway bar link, your vehicle’s wheels can easily lean too much on the right or left when turning around a corner. You’ll also hear loud clunking noises when making turns if this suspension component wears out. Fortunately, replacing it is easy. You just need to get your hands first on a top-grade sway bar link kit. To make sure that what you get is up to your standards and fits your budget, here are some things to you should look for in a replacement kit:

All-metal construction

If you want to get the best deal for your budget, choose a sway bar link kit that features an all-metal construction for its various components. This type of construction is known for its durability and reliability despite years of exposure to extreme conditions.

Powder-coat finish

No matter how durable a steel component is, it will easily deteriorate once it starts to corrode. So to complement an all-metal construction, go for a kit that features a powder-coat finish. This type of finish increases a metal component’s corrosion resistance, helping it endure exposure to extreme conditions for many years.

Easy-to-grease socket design

Because the sway bar link is a part of your car’s suspension system, it’s regularly exposed to vibration and heavy loads. To keep it in top shape, you need to regularly lubricate it. And with an easy-to-grease socket, lubricating a sway bar link becomes a hassle-free task.

Innovative design for easier installation

Some manufacturers today have come up with their own innovations to make installing a sway bar link kit easier. If you’re an amateur DIYer or you just want to make your life easier, go for a replacement sway bar that features a cleverly designed barrel nut, additional threads, and recessed bushings. These upgrades are meant to get rid of installation issues such as a poorly exposed thread and hard-to-capture washers. However, make sure that a specially designed kit is also suitable to your car’s specs. Keep in mind that the design and position of a sway bar link may differ according to your vehicle’s make and model.

Get Rid of that Clunking Noise by Installing a New Sway Bar Link Kit

Do you hear clunking noises whenever you drive over road bumps or turn around a corner? Then you better check your car’s sway bar link. This suspension component helps in reducing excessive sways, helping you keep from rolling over in case of a sudden evasive maneuver. So before a busted link makes it too difficult for you to control your vehicle when making sharp or sudden turns, replace it as soon as you can. Here’s how (Instructions are not vehicle specific, so check with your car manual first.):

Difficulty level: Easy

Tools you’ll need:

  • Penetrating oil or lubricant
  • Socket wrench
  • Jack and jack stands
  • Vice grips
  • Lug wrench

Step 1: Loosen the lug nuts. Using a tire iron or lug wrench, loosen the lug nuts but don’t remove them yet from the wheel.

Step 2: Lift up your vehicle. Jack up your car by properly installing a jack and jack stands underneath. Make sure to place the jack securely under the suspension arm in order to compress the suspension and release tension from the sway bar link.

Step 3: Unscrew the lug nuts. Once the car is properly jacked up, remove the lug nuts and the wheel with the bad link.

Step 4: Unscrew the link nuts. The sway bar link is usually held in place by top and bottom nuts. Using a socket wrench, remove the top nut. To prevent the sway bar from moving around, grip the shaft with a vice grip tool. Then remove the bottom bolt with a socket wrench.

Step 5: Attach the new sway bar link. Start by inserting the lower part first. Then once the lower part is secure, insert the upper part in place. Make sure that the link is installed just like the original one. Tighten the top and bottom nuts, ensuring that the rubber seals for each bolt are evenly compressed.

Installation tips

  • If the nuts are hard to remove, spray them first with some penetrating oil or lubricant to loosen them up.
  • To dislodge a stuck sway bar link, tap it with a sledge hammer until it pops off.

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