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Select the Right Tailgate Handle Bezel with These Tips

One of the simpler things you can think for your car, the Tailgate Handle Bezel is generally for pickups, and sometimes for SUVs. If you want to replace it as a new design for your car, or the current tail gate handle bezel you have is already cracked or chipped, then look no further. This portion will provide the things you should first consider when buying that bezel for your truck.

Are tailgate bezels designed specifically like my stock?

There are a lot of designs for tailgate handle bezels, so it's sure that the one you have is in it as well. The shapes vary from rectangle, oval even a hexagon. If your current handle bezel is plastic, you can look for other types like steel or aluminum. On top of all this, you can choose the color you desire either black, chrome, or silver; although this are, of course, the basic colors for car parts. Lastly, check for the designs if they have a key hole?you may want to use it for a rear view camera if needed.

How easy is it to put a tailgate handle bezel on my car?

I'm on a tight budget, will this cost me a fortune?

Since you're saving up, you can find a tailgate handle bezel for $12-$15, that's about the lowest they go. If you aim for the quality and the look, the range starts at $40, but if you want only the best for your car, go for the ones worth $290 tops, most of these are made from aircraft-grade aluminum.

Does it come with a warranty?

If you're deeply concerned if these products will just fall off or break easily, the ones sold on the market has a maximum of 5-year warranty. Just remember to purchase from a trusted name to avail of this, and to give your money the value it deserves.

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