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How to Replace the Tire on Your Vehicle

One of the parts that you'll surely notice on any vehicle is the tire. It is not just made for aesthetic purpose only, but it is also made to support your vehicle's entire weight while helping you to have a smooth ride. If you do not maintain the tire on each corner of your ride, then it can be prone to failing. However, it can also get damaged due to different road elements or possible collisions. If situations such as these happen, you must replace the tire immediately. These tools and steps can help you to get the job done:


Difficulty level: Moderate


Things you'll need:


  • Jack stands
  • Rubber mallet
  • Cross wrench
  • New tire



Step 1: Make sure that your vehicle's parking brake is engaged. Also, ensure that your vehicle is parked in an even surface to keep it steady throughout the process.


Step 2: With the help of a jack stand, raise the area that is close to the tire that you will be replacing. Make sure that the stands are placed firmly on the bottom portion of your vehicle.


Step 3: Take off the wheel cover, and release the tightness of the wheel nuts afterwards. With the help of a cross wrench, move the nuts counterclockwise until they are loosened up.

Step 4: Lift the jack stand straight up in order to take off the tire. Adjust the position and height of the jack stand if necessary. It is recommended to bring an extra, in case the one that is currently in place cannot carry the load of your vehicle during replacement.

Step 5: You may now remove the nuts of the wheel completely. You can ensure that they can be taken off easily by hand twisting them in a counterclockwise motion.

Step 6: Once the wheel nuts are taken off, you may now remove the old tire from your vehicle. If it is too tight to be removed due to rust, you can use a rubber mallet. This can release the tire once you hit the inner half of the old tire.

Step 7: This is the time to install your new or spare tire on its hub. Make sure to place it gently to make sure that its rim is lined up properly with the bolts and nuts of the wheel. Also, ensure that the valve stem of your new tire is the one facing the front or outside your vehicle.

Step 8: With the help of the wrench once again, secure the nuts in their place. However, make sure that you are applying gentle pressure while doing this in order to prevent the jack stand from failing.

Step 9: Hand tighten the nuts afterwards to make sure that each one has equal tightness.

Step 10: Once your new tire is secured on its mounting area, you may now reattach the wheel cover.

Step 11: Lower your vehicle carefully, and remove the jack stand. Start your vehicle afterwardsw in order to test the efficiency of your new tire.

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