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Shopping for a Valve Cover Seal Washer for your Engine Block

You might have been enjoying your vehicle for quite some time now, and you have checked out the engine at least once throughout your ownership. One of the first things that you will notice when you pop up your hood is the valve cover. It's located on top of the engine block to protect the cylinder head. It can be intricately detailed to make your engine bay look good. But one of the most overlooked parts there is the valve cover seal washer. It's meant to prevent leaks and protect the head from outside elements. Here's how to buy one.

Evaluating the condition of the valve cover seal washers on the head

Before you even begin your search and shopping spree, you should do some thorough checking on your engine first. When you pop the hood, make sure that you clean at least the top end of the engine. This is where you will find the valve cover and head cylinder along with a few other components that might be attached nearby. After cleaning this area, remove the nuts the hold the valve cover. Underneath it, you should see the seal washers. Take them out from their places one by one. Evaluate their conditions. You may opt to replace maybe one or two of them only. However, it might be a good idea to replace the old in one go. This way, your valve cover will have a new set of seal washers already.

Addressing and identifying the compatible seal washers for your ride

Even with such a small part like the seal washer, you should make sure that you will be buying and fitting the right one on your valve cover. When you remove the old pieces from the panel, you should be able to notice that they flow through its circumference. Buy being snug in those spaces, it can effectively protect the head by keeping the oil inside and sealing the parts away from particles and dirt that reach the engine bay. More than that, installing a washer with the wrong size can also pose clearance issues. This can compromise the overall integrity of your engine in the long run. You would not want that to happen. To avoid this kind of mishap, you should earnestly search for the compatible part. During your search, always make sure that the component is specifically designed for the year, make, model and trim of your vehicle. On chances that you have already replaced the old block with another engine model, as with restomods, you should make yourself familiar with the piece of machinery that you have put together.

Getting a set, considering the price tag, and many more

Now that you have determined the type of washer that you will use for your engine, it is now time to consider a few more factors before your check out. You should consider the price and package the brand has to offer you. Sometimes, it is more practical to buy a set of washers and store the unused ones for future necessity.

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