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How to Replace the Washer Nozzle Cover in Your Vehicle

A clear vision is a must for every driver. Hence, the windshield is equipped with a washer nozzle that can take away the dirt and other road elements that can obstruct your road vision. However, the washer nozzle itself also needs protection. That's why your washer nozzle cover is up to the rescue! It prevents the washer nozzle to break or fade eventually. However, your washer nozzle cover can also be prone to damage. So if it needs to be replaced, do so immediately. You can finish the job like a pro with these tools and procedures:

Difficulty level: Moderate

Things you'll need:

  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Penetrating spray
  • New washer nozzle cover

Step 1: Before starting the replacement process, make sure that your vehicle is parked on an even surface. Also, ensure that the parking brake is engaged as a safety measure.

Step 2: Consult your vehicle's service manual in order to determine how the washer nozzle cover is attached in your vehicle. It can either be via the wiper arms of the windshield or via screws in your vehicle's hood.

Step 3: This time, look for the washer nozzle cover. If it is attached on the windshield, then it surely has fastening clips on the wiper arms. Hence, you must take those clips away. Simply compress the clips in the direction of the nozzle so that they could be removed. You can also make use of a pair of needle-nose pliers if this does not work.

Step 4: If the old washer nozzle cover is attached on the hood on the other hand, then it has fastening screws that secure it in place. Look for those screws that are usually near the area between the windshield and the hood.

Step 5: Support the hood with its latch, and then remove the fastening screws afterwards with the help of a screwdriver. Make use of a penetrating spray if the screws are too tight to be released. If the clips and screws are still in good condition, store them in a safe area to be reinstalled later on.

Step 6: You may now lift the old washer nozzle cover away from your vehicle. Before installing the new one, make sure that it is test fitted over the washer nozzle to guarantee that it will be properly seated.

Step 7: You can loosen the washer nozzle itself for easier installation of the new cover. Do this by loosening the clips that join the washer nozzle to its hose.

Step 8: This time, you may attach the new washer nozzle cover securely. The installation process is in the reverse order of the removal. If your new washer nozzle cover can be attached through fastening clips, then you can simply install the clips properly.

Step 9: The same goes if your new washer nozzle cover can be attached via screws. Find the exact location where the old screws were attached, and then install them properly using a screwdriver.

Step 10: Once your new washer nozzle cover is installed, you may reattach the washer nozzle to its hose securely. Make sure that its fastening clips are firmly attached as well.

Step 11: You may now close the hood of your vehicle carefully. Start the engine afterwards in order to check the efficiency of your new washer nozzle cover, and then you're done!

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