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Washer Reservoir Plug: Quick Tips for Car Part Buyers and DIYers

Bug guts, tree sap, bird rain, mud, and road dirt—all these can smear your windshield and sort of block your view behind the steering wheel. Good thing is, you have some wipers to clean these off for you with just a flick of the switch. If you have stubborn spots or stains, the windshield wiper system can squirt some fluid to help wipe these off. However, when the washer reservoir plug cracks or tears, the reservoir won't be sealed fully, which means that the fluid may leak. To make sure that the reservoir is protected from the elements and will not spill its contents, you need to get a new plug.

Factors to Consider

If it's just the plug you're worried about, it shouldn't be a big bother for you. You don't have to get an entirely new washer reservoir or container. You just have to get a new cover or cap, the price of which ranges from almost a dollar to about 5USD, depending on the car make and model and the brand. A good number of auto parts stores have this in their wide-range inventory. So instead of trying some hacks or attempting to repair the plug, it's cheaper, easier, safer, and more practical to just replace it. And here are some factors that you must consider when getting a replacement:

  • Fit

Reservoir plugs may look the same to you, but they have some slight variations when it comes to size and fit. A plug that's slightly too small or too big can't keep the fluid from leaking and can't seal the container properly. You should be able to slip the plug right into the container and pull it out with no worries. To find the right plug for your vehicle's washer reservoir, you have to be more specific with your search. Shop by make, model, and year to find a plug that perfectly fits the container. A store that carries a wide range of auto parts brands, including OEMs and aftermarket options, and caters to a long list of makes and models can provide compatible replacement parts and accessories even for something as simple or seemingly insignificant as a reservoir plug. They can most likely guarantee a perfect fit.

  • Quality

You don't always have to go to the dealership to get quality parts and accessories for your vehicle. You can also try aftermarket offerings, which may give you parts with better features or at least provide feasible replacement products. OEM brands can also provide you with same-quality parts that are made according to the manufacturer specs at lower prices. Check the material and other item specifics to better gauge the quality of the product. Quality parts can be found in reputable stores or well-established outlets.

  • Price

Shop around for good prices. No matter how small the savings may seem, you should be able to get a great deal in every car part purchase. What you have to do is compare the prices. Some stores offer discounts not just for bulk orders but even for individual purchases. They can offer about 15% savings and much more. Most auto parts stores offer price matching and occasional promos you can sign up for. Online stores can provide you with good price points since they operate the business with lower overhead cost without a brickandmortar outlet to maintain.

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