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Hub caps are car wheel accessories that's all about function and style. Hub caps are certainly a must-have for all car owners because aside from protecting your wheels, good quality hub caps give your car that certain elegance and style statement.
Most of the hub caps, center caps and wheel covers in the market today are made from strong plastic to provide your car better-looking but lighter-in-weight hubcaps. Be careful though when choosing hub caps as faded or peeling hub caps can make your car look neglected or abused. Furthermore, sometimes manufacturers mistakenly produce hub caps that are too loose or too tight. Too loose hub caps may fly off while too tight hub caps break or crack the clips on the back side of the hub caps. Purchase your hub caps from suppliers that you really trust and do not be easily fooled by seemingly good deals.
Installation of hub caps must be done with utmost care as hub caps are very sensitive. One hub cap care tip: Never pound on the hub cap as this will break the hub cap clips. Also, remember to always keep your hub caps away from curbs as such contact weakens them.
When driving at night, make sure that all your lighting equipment are in top condition for your safety and protection. Choose only the best headlights and you're ready to go.

The Automobile Basics: Wheel Cover

The installation of wheel cover, which is otherwise known as hubcap or wheel trim, is a fine addition to your car. It can be installed for charming customization in keeping with your own aesthetics and taste. As every change or upgrade you make and afford your car with adds to total customization, your personality will surely shine through and mesh with your car. Melding man and machine into one, your car becomes, in essence, the very extension of your personality. Yet not merely facades for the purposes of decoration, wheel covers also give your car wheels protection as they are disks that cover at least the central portion of your car's wheels. Available in different sizes to match any car make or model, our wheel cover here at come in as many variants, designs, and colors to fulfill your every customization want and need. Take advantage of our economically priced wheel covers and sport the flashy wheel trims you and your car deserves to roll in and out of the streets. And for wheel trims or whatever car part replacement you might be in need of, you'll be racing back on the road in no time with So shop now!

Important Facts You Need to Know About Wheel Cover

Do you find your car's wheels boring? Why not do something about it and equip the wheels with topnotch wheel covers? A wheel cover is a disc designed to fit onto the wheel hub or the area surrounding it, acting as a decorative component for the wheel.Aftermarket wheel covers often come in various finishes, so you definitely won't run out of choices for your car's wheels. Aside from making the wheels more attractive, wheel covers also protect the lug nuts that attach the wheels to the vehicle.These covers can also keep water and dust away from the wheel bearings and brakes, helping these components function more reliably. Usually, wheel covers are crafted in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Whether you choose a 15-inch or 16-inch wheel cover, you're sure to get a lot of benefits out of this accessory.If you want to get premium wheel covers at the lowest prices online, trust only

• Improves the wheels' visual appeal

• Protects various wheel and braking components from damage

• Features a clip-on installation you can finish in minutes

Jazzing up Your Car by Installing Wheel Covers

You can get a variety of stylish yet functional accessories for your vehicle-like wheel covers-when you want to jazz up its appearance. These lightweight pieces are also known as hubcaps, and they can come in a variety of shapes, colors, and finishes. Many of them have the logos of automotive makers, and many makers have a specific design for their original equipment covers. Installing a set of these will take about an hour, but you'll need to make sure that it fits perfectly and doesn't fall off easily, so you'd better take your time in doing so.


Required skill level: Beginner


Materials needed:

A set of new wheel covers

Flat-head screwdriver

Zip ties (optional)

Pliers (optional)


Choosing the right wheel covers


Inspect your tires and locate a series of numbers and letters on their side wall. The last two numbers of these series are identical to their rim sizes. So, you'll need to buy wheel covers according to these numbers to make sure that they fit perfectly.


Removing the old wheel cover


If your vehicle already has wheel covers from the OE manufacturer, you will need to remove them before you can install new ones. Just position yourself beside one of your wheels and then slip a flat-head screwdriver underneath the cover. Push the tool forward and let it loosen the hubcap. Do this again and again until your wheel cover starts to fall off the wheel. Catch the old cover and set it aside for proper storage or disposal.


Installing the new wheel cover


Position your new wheel cover against one wheel, and make sure that the tabs on the backside of the cover lines up against the front of the steel wheel. Then, press the hubcap into the wheel so that the tabs snap in place.


Securing the wheel cover


If you would like to make sure that your hubcaps don't fall off or get stolen easily, you can use clear zip ties to secure them in place. Just slip a tie through one of your wheel cover's openings, through a cutout in the steel wheel, and then back out to the front. Fasten and pull it tight before cutting the excess parts off with a pair of pliers. Then, attach another tie 180 degrees across the first tie to keep your hubcaps tight.

CCI vs. URO Parts: Comparing Their Wheel Covers

Looking for a new wheel cover or hubcap set can be a confusing process, especially with all the brands that are competing for your attention. We decided to make this process easier by comparing the products of URO Parts and CCI on our own cars. Here's what we found out:


Price and product range


One of the biggest reasons why buyers don't go to their OEM for replacement parts is because of the price. Paying 60 USD or more for a car component that can fall off after a hitting a bump on the road can take its toll on people's budgets. At the same time, consumers also need to look for a brand with a product range that's big enough to have what they need. After all, saving 50 USD won't matter to you, if you spent 30 USD on a product that you can't use.

We compared the prices of the CCI and URO Parts products by searching online and making a few phone calls to our local auto shops. We found that the prices were definitely cheaper online and that at their lowest prices, the URO parts wheel caps were cheaper than the CCI hubcaps by several dollars. But, we also saw that there were only four items listed under the URO Parts brand and that they were only for European-made vehicles. Meanwhile we're happy to note that CCI has more than 300 products in their inventory.



Appearance and quality


Changing your wheel covers can be an easy and relatively inexpensive way of changing your vehicle's appearance. Yet, the results are often quite dramatic. While wheel covers can look good from a distance, examining them up close also gave us a chance to see how much attention to quality the two brands put into their products.

When we looked at CCI's hubcaps up close, we were slightly disappointed by how shiny their lug nuts looked. Their chrome appearance really stood out from the texture of the rest of the wheel cover. Otherwise, the covers we purchased look just like the stock covers. In the meantime, the URO Parts wheel covers that we got looks shiny and simple, which our fellow European auto enthusiasts are sure to appreciate.



Installation, fit, and longevity


We want wheel covers that easy to install and they should stay on our cars for as long as possible. We were glad to find that both products went on quite quickly and that they fit like a glove.

While a well-meaning mechanic friend discouraged us from purchasing the CCI hubcaps because their clips can break off, we're glad to say that our wheel covers are still on. The URO Parts products are still on our other vehicle as well. Only time will tell how long they'll actually stay on, but we're pleased to note that the brand is offering a two-year limited warranty with their wheel covers so we have some reassurance in case anything goes wrong.



The verdict


If you've got a European-made auto, then we think that you'd be delighted with the URO Parts wheel covers because of their elegant design. However, if you've got a vehicle that's made locally or in Asia, then you'd like the affordability and wide range of the CCI wheel covers.

A Distinct Edge from Choosing the Right Wheel Cover

The wheel cover's primary function is to protect your wheel and lug nuts from dirt and scratches. It may also enhance your car's exterior if matched perfectly. With a lot of wheel covers sold out there, you have to choose what suits your vehicle and your pocket. This section will provide hints and tips to help you sort that out.

How would I know if the wheel cover fits?

Determining the size of your wheel is actually a good start. Most wheel covers range from 14-16 inches in diameter. Even if these measurements are specifically manufactured, it's a big help if you check the wheel's measurement against the wheel cover just to be sure. A good rule of thumb is when you replace one, you should replace all.

Are there wheel cover varieties?

A wheel cover comes in various types and designs. While most of them are made from plastic, the finish can either be chrome, steel or aluminum plated. For car enthusiasts like you with an eye on detail, there are holes/slots, spokes and wire designs to feast your eyes on. Just remember, when you choose, always go for the trusted name. Imitations may copy the look, but never the quality.

Is it possible to repaint a wheel cover?

Since most wheel covers are gray and silver, you might feel dull and bored with how it looks that it made you decide to repaint it. You can actually apply the color you desire on the entire thing. However, you will risk the wheel cover's original coat, and worse, a bad paint job will lead to an even awful appearance of your car. A piece of advice: make sure you have the correct painting equipment; a wheel cover is not some wall you can simply brush.

Is it easy to put a wheel cover on my car?

Yes. In fact, this is probably the easiest car part to install. There are tabs behind the wheel cover that clip when you push it in front of the wheel. These secure the wheel cover in place and viola, you're done.

How does a complete set fair with a tight budget?

You can already find good wheel covers under $50; although regular prices range from $60 to $80. On the other hand, the high-end types go $100 or more. There are a lot of designs for wheels covers, and just like a designer shoes or shirt, the ones that look good are mostly more expensive compared to those with common designs.

A Clear Way to Look Better with Wheel Covers

The new set of wheel covers you have ordered had just arrived at your doorstep, and you can't wait to put them on your car. Although this is a relatively simple task, here is a step-by-step guide to help you do it the proper way. There are also hints that can help maintain your wheel covers look brand new. Check them out before you show-off your new ride.

Difficulty Level:Easy

Tools you'll need:

  • New wheel covers

Step 1: Park your vehicle on a level surface and engage the parking brake.

Step 2: Take the wheel covers and check if tension rings?thin, round metal wires, are already attached at the back of each wheel cover. If yes, jump to Step 4; if not proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Find the bent portion of each retention ring. It should be pointed upwards when you attach it to the back of the wheel cover and make sure that the bent portion is aligned with the space for the tire valves.

Step 4: Take one wheel cover in front of the wheel and push it firmly. It should snap perfectly once it is installed. Do the same for the rest.

Step 5: Test the wheel covers by pulling each one toward you with your hand; they should not fall off easily when you apply force.

That's how easy it is to install a wheel cover. Since it is close to the road's surface, make sure that they're always clean with these tips below:

Cleaning Tips: Use a cleaning brush and any car shampoo to clean your wheel cover. It is optional to wipe it with a clean towel and liquid wax afterwards. This will give the wheel cover shine and sparkle. It is advisable to do this routine once or twice a month.

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