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Wiper Motor Bushing

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Windshield Wiper Motor Grommet Motor to Wiper Arm - Replaces OE Number 61-62-7-129-283
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Location : RearWarranty : 24-month limited warrantyAnticipated Ship Out Time : Same day - 1 business dayQuantity Sold : Sold individually
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Wiper Motor Bushing Guides

How to Buy the Best Wiper Motor Bushing Available

So here's the nightmare scenario for many a motorist out there: you hear noises from your windshield or side wiper—a tick-tacking kind of noise that grates on your nerves. What's worse is that you live in one of the rainiest cities in the U.S.A., so you have no choice but to hear that annoying sound over and over again. What can you do about it? This wiper is compromised and, at its worst, could strip paint and cut into your plastic panel. The best way to fix this, as the title indicates, is to buy a new wiper motor bushing kit. But what does thing really supposed to accomplish? This bearing and isolator actually keeps your wiper motor from being misaligned or vibrating. It's supposed to be something you use to readjust the wiper arm so that it's not damaging the glass or the paint of your car due to loose alignment or having it too tight or too close to what it's supposed to wipe, causing damage. Because of this important function, it is just necessary to buy only the best replacement there is.

Things to consider

  1. Key Benefit of a Wiper Motor Bushing: The bushing you're buying should be one that's capable of cushioning the mounting position of the wiper, securing the washer motor to the firewall, and ensuring superior vibration absorption. Any sounds coming from your wiper motor roots from excessive vibration, after all.
  2. Specs to Look Out For: The main specs you should be on the lookout for as far as wiper motor bushings are concerned are direct replacement fit, proper fitment, availability in an assortment of styles and sizes depending on your customization needs, and the ability to restore your wiper system to its original operation. They should also be made of durable rubber and brass for dependable extended use.
  3. Buying Kits versus Standalone Parts: You can get windshield or side wiper motor linkage bushings in two forms—a special kit complete with tools and instructions or just the bushing itself. The latter is obviously less expensive than the former, but a kit is more complete and assists you to install the bushing by yourself. If you're already an experienced gearhead, just go with the part. Otherwise, buy the kit (which could even include extra bushings and other bushings for different vehicles).
  4. Bushing Installation Time: Your bushing should be an easy-to-install one that takes five minutes at most to install if you know what you're doing (especially if you've gotten an easy-to-install bushing kit with accompanying tools). However, you better watch out because it takes about twenty minutes to remove and reinstall the linkage so that your wiper doesn't make a terrible sound when it's working.

In Conclusion

If you want to save money and you can install the bushing yourself, you can get cheaper wiper linkage bushings online. Just keep in mind that the bushing's primary purpose is to secure the wiper and keep it from vibrating or damaging itself and the nearby area it's wiping for good measure. This will help you weed out the good bushings from the bad as you give them a test run.

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