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Chrysler PT Cruiser Antenna Mast: The Usual Problems

Your radio would be pretty useless without the antenna mast. The antenna allows you to tune in to radio waves of different frequencies, much like changing the channel of your television. Some antennas are retractable, while others are fixed, but whatever variety they come in, they are still susceptible to problems. If you know what is causing these issues, then you can easily determine what should be done. For more information about problems with the Chrysler Pt Cruiser antenna mast, read on.

Retractable antenna mast that has difficulty moving or has no movement

The first thing you should do is inspect the antenna mast. Check for broken components and replace them; if the damage is severe, you will need to replace the whole antenna mast. Pay careful attention to the nylon line in the antenna housing. This plastic line has teeth in it and works in tandem with the motor to extend and retract the antenna rod. This part often breaks after a while, leaving the antenna unable to move. If all the components of the antenna mast look fine upon inspection, then have them cleaned. Dirt and gunk buildup could've clogged the antenna mechanism, hampering its movement. An electric-parts cleaner or a penetrating oil spray will do the job. Spray some on a clean rag and wipe the antenna clean. Be sure to work your way from the bottom to the top to avoid damaging the antenna. Lubricate the antenna when you're done and reinstall it on the PT Cruiser.

Bent or broken mast

Because antenna masts stick out a good length or so from its base, it is vulnerable to being hit by other objects like trees, bending or breaking the antenna in the process. There is little else you can do in such a situation but to replace the whole thing. When you're driving with the antenna mast out, be aware of everything around your vehicle and drive appropriately. If your PT cruiser has a fixed antenna mast, the antenna may also be in danger of breakage when the car is being cleaned. Avoid automatic car washes at all costs and have people do the actual cleaning of the car instead. If possible, clean the car yourself and take care when cleaning the area around the antenna.

Simple Steps to a Problem-Free Chrysler PT Cruiser Antenna Mast

Listening to the radio is an awesome way to pass the time when driving. You can tune in to any station you want and listen to whatever music tickles your fancy. This is made possible by the antenna mast, which captures radio transmissions and turns them into sound. When the sound from your radio starts getting replaced by static noises, you know there's a problem brewing up. There are a number of things that can go wrong with the antenna mast, which is why proper maintenance is absolutely essential. For more information about proper maintenance of the Chrysler PT Cruiser Antenna Mast, read on.

Clean the antenna mast mechanism when necessary.

Power antennas make use of a motor and nylon line to extend and retract the antennas. After years of frequent operation, dust, dirt, and grime will find their way into the moving parts of the antenna mast, slowing down and even halting their operation. When this happens, the antenna mast needs to be cleaned immediately. The antenna mast mechanism must be remove from the PT Cruiser and disassembled to access its various components. Clean the antenna, the motor housing, and other non-electrical parts with a detergent and water mixture. The electrical parts should be cleaned with an electric-parts cleaner or a penetrating oil spray. After cleaning the antenna mast, be sure to lubricate the moving parts with some motor oil.

Take care when driving or cleaning the car.

With the antenna sticking a few feet or so out from the PT Cruiser, it could get hit by low lying trees and bushes, street signs, and other hazards on the road. This could break the antenna mast and render your radio dead. Fortunately, you could prevent this from happening simply by taking care when driving. Pay attention to anything that could come into contact with the antenna and be sure to avoid them. Take care when having your car cleaned as well. If your Cruiser is equipped with a non-retractable antenna or if you like listening to the radio when cleaning your car, then be extra careful when you're cleaning around the antenna.

Replace the antenna when necessary.

If the antenna mast has gotten into an accident that has caused it to break, or if the mast is so old and worn out that it stops working, replace the whole unit instead. Repairing such units may be extremely difficult or too expensive to make it worthwhile.

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