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Listen! - This is what Audi means. The name was based on the equivalent Latin name of the Old German word Horch, which actually was the family name of one of Horch company's founders who also happened to be the founder of Audi, August Horch. Today, more than Horch's name, Audi is being represented by a badge with four interlinked rings. They signify the Horch, DKW, Wanderer and Audi, the four auto brands that merged to form the present Auto Union Deutschland Ingolstadt.

Comprised by the most sophisticated Audi parts, Audi in this era is recognized to be one of Volkswagen's prides, for it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of VW. The engineering was all set to the goal of providing customers with reliable machines that subsequently bring true power and strength so to prove superior quality on all aspects. In the performance, Audi engines are the ones responsible. The 2612, 3564, 4680 and 5720 cc models which were the very first Audi units were equipped with 4-cylinder engines that possesses prowess that actually brought Audi into successful sporting events. This type of engine was then followed by the 6-cylinder engines and then eight-cylinder engines. And in the latest Audi version, the 2006 Audi A3 boasts a very sporty machine that's powered by the new 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. This time, Audi is expected to generate 200 horsepower and strong torque.

The engine cannot function without the work of all other Audi parts. In this account, the technology of Audi was made to fill the spots that would complete and or improve the efficiency of the Audi performance parts, Audi auto body parts, Audi accessory parts, and every essential piece of it. Through the years of innovations, those items were constantly upgraded, making them have perfect balance. The transmission system, carburetor system, ignition system, cooling system, exhaust system, electronic and wiring systems, and every complex components that are meant to serve the Audi receive updates, right from its hood until the trunk.

Despite the fact that Audi is using the most recent technology in order to maximize the durability of Audi parts, they still suffer from the natural process of wearing off. No matter how careful you drive in order to avoid accidents and collisions, the auto parts acquire rusts dents and other damages, thereby needing to be replaced. Perhaps you own a contemporary Audi model. It could be an Audi A3, Audi A4, Audi A6, Audi A8, or Audi TT. Surely these vehicles are built with extensively improved Audi parts, so as the Audi Allroad parts, Audi Allroad Quattro parts and Audi S4 parts. In due time they'd acquire what time and nature bring.


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Advancement through technology' ' Audi. True to its corporate tagline, Audi is recognized today because of the quality and performance of its vehicles and their various Audi parts. All Audi models have been built from powerful ideas and engineered using unique processes and the most advanced technology. So with every Audi drive, you can expect an exhilarating and enjoyable experience unique to Audi models, all while you enjoy the best benefits brought by efficient automotive systems.And today, these systems have even been further improved. The newest Audi R8 has many remarkable Audi auto parts and features and is characterized with efficiency that performance enthusiasts will surely love. Its V8 engine is mounted between two axles, making weight distribution exceptionally balanced. And utilizing the FSI technology that directly injects fuel to the engine, performance is guaranteed. Plus, all these are finished by the Audi space frame. With the company the pioneer in the use of aluminum to manufacture car bodies, it becomes more advanced in R8, combining both aluminum and magnesium.These innovations in technology are not limited to Audi sports racing models alone but also extend to street Audi rides. If you are already enjoying the Audi excellence, remember to keep your stock Audi auto car parts in good shape to maintain good driving performance. During replacements, get only Audi car parts from reliable providers. After all, only original Audi parts will give your drive that feel of advancement through technology.

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