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  • Father’s Day is a great time to get dad a gift, and we have five cool car gifts we can recommend.
  • Vehicle floor mats are a great gift idea for dads who love to go hiking, fishing, and driving off the beaten path. Meanwhile, seat covers are great for hiding any old stains in any dad’s family car.
  • For a dad who loves his truck, try buying a tonneau cover for extra protection for luggage and cargo hauled in his truck’s rear compartment. If your dad is a cross-country traveler, you can also get window visors to help deflect rain or snow.
  • Finally, for the dad who’s a hardcore car enthusiast, consider a cold air intake, a modification that relocates the air filter outside of the engine compartment to draw cooler air from outside the vehicle into the engine. It’ll help increase the engine horsepower in your dad’s vehicle.

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and for most of us, this year’s celebrations are probably going to be a bit different due to the pandemic. Most people will likely be spending this day stuck at home, or away from their loved ones. But of course, this shouldn’t stop us from celebrating and showing appreciation for the awesome dads, grandpas, and husbands who truly deserve it.

You may not be able to fly home or meet up for dinner at his favorite restaurant, but you can give your dad, husband, or partner (and any other special father figure in your life) a present that will make him feel loved and appreciated on Father’s Day.

father high-fiving his son
The pandemic shouldn’t stop us from celebrating and sending presents to our dads this coming Father’s Day.

Now, we know every dad is proud of his ride—whether it be a “soccer dad” minivan, a trusty pickup truck, or a prized (and rarely used) muscle car. So why not help him spruce it up?

Here’s a quick list of car-related Father’s Day gift ideas for dad (and his daily ride):

Our Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2020

For the Outdoorsman: Floor Mats

Vehicle floor mats are a great gift idea for dads who love to go hiking, fishing, and driving off the beaten path. Adventurous dads will appreciate a new set of car floor mats as they help protect the vehicle’s carpet from mud, dirt, and snow.

Most floor mats are designed with channels and ridges that trap dirt and other elements to ensure that your carpet stays clean and dry. More importantly, these mats are molded perfectly to the contours of your vehicle floors to ensure maximum coverage.

car floor mat
If your dad loves hiking and driving off the beaten path, car floor mats are the perfect gift for him.

Since they’re designed to catch all of the water and debris that drivers and passengers normally track in from outside, having high-quality floor mats makes it easier to clean the interiors and keep dad’s vehicle pristine.

This is also a practical gift idea for those who work in the construction and landscaping business. Even if dad isn’t the outdoorsy type, floor mats are still useful for those who live in areas with significant rainfall or snow.

Other gift options:

For the Hands-On Dad: Seat Covers

If the man of the hour is a hands-on dad, he likely spends a lot of his time driving the kids to and from school and afterschool activities. And if that’s the case, his car seats are probably covered in old stains from spilled after-school snacks, random crayon scribbles, and possibly even some hard-to-remove evidence from bouts of car sickness.

This Father’s Day, give his vehicle a fresh new look (at least from the inside) with brand new seat covers. They’re a stylish way to hide stubborn stains or ripped upholstery—not to mention an inexpensive and quick alternative to reupholstering the car seats. Also, they can help make the car cabin more comfortable for the family.

car seats
Seat covers are the best choice for a hands-on dad who loves driving the kids to and from school.

Just like floor mats, seat covers make cleaning the inside of dad’s car much easier. Some of them are also designed to be resistant to wear-and-tear, so you won’t have to replace them for a long time.

Pro tip: Splurge on a custom seat cover to ensure the perfect fit. The best seat covers are the ones designed for specific make/models.

Remember to consider the recipient’s lifestyle when choosing the seat cover material. Cotton seat covers are soft and affordable, but aren’t waterproof. Leather gives the car a premium look, but some designs can be hot in the summer.

Neoprene is quite popular because it is both durable and water-resistant. Be sure to get them in colors that will complement the existing color palette of the vehicle’s interiors.

Other gift options:

For the Truck Lover: Tonneau Covers

Looking for a last-minute Father’s Day gift for the truck lover in your life? Unlike what most people would think, you don’t need to know a lot about how vehicles work to find a gift that they’d appreciate. You can earn extra brownie points by getting them a tonneau cover for their pickup.

A tonneau cover is an accessory that offers extra protection for luggage and cargo hauled in the rear compartment. This cover fits over the truck bed and protects it from rain, snow, or wind. This is a great thing to have for drivers who want to protect their truck bed from damage caused by road debris and the elements.

truck tonneau cover
Truck lover dads will definitely appreciate a tonneau cover as a gift.

Covering the truck bed also helps keep the rear compartment organized. It does this by preventing items and boxes from shifting around while the vehicle is moving. Some are also equipped with locking mechanisms to keep any tools and belongings secure against theft.

More than just a protective cover, its aerodynamic design also has a positive effect on vehicle performance. Driving with a tonneau cover increases gas mileage by up to 10% simply by reducing the air drag generated by the truck bed.

Other gift options:

For the Cross-Country Traveler: Window Visors

Some of our best childhood memories are summer days spent on family road trips with our dads at the wheel. As children grow old and move out of the house, most parents use this renewed freedom to travel more and go on cross-country road trips.

Window visors are a perfect gift idea for the men in your life who enjoy long drives with the windows rolled down. Also known as a rain guard or vent visor, this part helps deflect rain or snow and prevents it from entering an open window while on the road.

car window visor
If your dad enjoys long drives, give him window visors for a perfect road trip.

Thanks to these visors, drivers can choose not to run the air conditioning and enjoy the breeze on a particularly nice day.

Other gift options:

For the Hardcore Car Enthusiast – Cold Air Intake

One of the hardest people to choose gifts for are car guys—especially those who are all about upgrading their vehicles for performance gains.

If you’re buying a present for someone who enjoys tinkering and modifying vehicles, one option that we can suggest is a cold air intake assembly.

A cold air intake is a modification that relocates the air filter outside of the engine compartment. This is done so that the engine can draw cooler air from outside the vehicle. This air is considered denser and oxygen-rich, making it better for combustion. As a result, installing a cold air intake assembly on a vehicle increases its engine horsepower.

cold air intake
Installing a cold air intake is one of the best vehicle upgrades for a car enthusiast dad.

For such an inexpensive part, doing this mod significantly improves vehicle performance. Lower air temperatures contribute to quicker throttle response while increasing the engine’s lifespan.

Each assembly is also made up of wider and smoother tubes that provide uninterrupted airflow into the engine, helping it achieve the optimal air-to-fuel mix that results in better fuel mileage.

Other gift options:

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