Could This Be the New Ford Fusion?

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The Ford Fusion has been dead for nearly two years now. Its demise came following the Ford’s 2018 announcement that it will discontinue its production of traditional cars in North America. Since then, the automaker has stuck with its trucks and SUVs.

But as is the case for the revived Bronco, reports that the Blue Oval is working on bringing back the Fusion nameplate have been circulating in the past weeks. Further fanning the flames are the leaked images of an all-wheel-drive station wagon online.

The images were posted on various Instagram accounts and several Chinese websites. And while the vehicle is camouflaged in the photos, some highly recognizable features point to it being a Ford model. These include the front grille that looks similar to other vehicles from the brand as well as a cutout that matches the Blue Oval logo.

leaked image of ford fusion wagon
The leaked photos did not reveal the height and body of the car. But it is expected to have a lifted suspension and an SUV appeal .| Source: Car and Driver

The headlights lend a futuristic facade to the vehicle, while a metallic bar runs across its entire width. Meanwhile, the rear end clearly displays a station-wagon profile as well as a small window near the C-pillar.

In terms of interior features, it appears the model will be equipped with a set of screens that cover the whole dashboard. While Ford previously introduced vehicles with large touchscreens, none of them has one of this magnitude.

The photos, however, did not reveal the height and body of the car. But it is expected to have a lifted suspension and an SUV appeal. According to circulating reports, it will likely rival the popular Subaru Outback when it arrives at dealerships.

Ford has not released a statement pertaining to the rumored return of the Fusion nameplate, but the model is believed to arrive sometime in 2021 as the Fusion Active.

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