EGR In-Channel Window Visor Install

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Project: EGR In-Channel Window Visor Install
Vehicle: 2015 Ford F-150 Lariat
Installer: Auto Parts Warehouse Staff
Level of Difficulty: Very Easy

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A new truck is a wonderful thing-so many options are available at CarParts.com to personalize the new F-150. We chose an easy Saturday morning project to get started on the new Ford. Window Visors are functional and stylish and install without tools. We chose EGR’s in-channel window visors in matte black acrylic, as the name implies they install inside of the window glass channel rather than over the window opening.

Opening the EGR visor box we were impressed with the precise packaging of the individual visors to protect each piece in transit. EGR has gone to great lengths to ensure that the window visors arrive in perfect condition and ready to install. EGR produces accessories like flares and deflectors for many OE manufacturers using top quality raw materials and quality controls required by auto manufacturers. An added bonus is that our window visors were manufactured in Ontario, CA and include a lifetime warranty on our truck.

, EGR In-Channel Window Visor Install

, EGR In-Channel Window Visor Install

This project will take less than half an hour of your Saturday morning and will make a subtle difference in the look of your truck while providing fresh air in the cab with minimal wind noise.

Start with a clean dry truck; this will help the in-channel adhesive strip stick effectively. Then roll down your windows and remove the visors from their plastic sleeves with clean hands. We started on the passenger side by sliding the tab of the visor into the window channel for a test fit. Next, gently angle the front of the window visor into the lower front corner of the window near the mirror to engage the tab into the window channel.

In-channel visors will require some “massaging” to install, particularly on a brand new truck with fresh window seals. Also, please consider that the F-150, like most modern vehicles has an “auto-up” window function that incorporates “anti-pinch” child safety limiter. We needed to gently align the window visor to avoid activating the “bounce-back” safety feature.

Once you have the EGR visor in place roll up the window a few times to make sure the window motor can lift and lower the window without stopping. After verifying clearance you can remove the cover on the visor adhesive and press them into place. The rear passenger door is even easier and with the passenger side installed we repeated the process on the driver side.

, EGR In-Channel Window Visor Install

, EGR In-Channel Window Visor Install

Here’s the before and after-we like the subtle difference and the EGR in-channel visors are a great addition to our new F-150.

, EGR In-Channel Window Visor Install , EGR In-Channel Window Visor Install

For more information on EGR please visit their Brandstore here: https://www.carparts.com/egr

Here’s a link to the In-Channel window visors we installed: https://www.carparts.com/details/Ford/F-150/EGR/Window_Visor/2015/Lariat/E17573495.html

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