Ford Bronco Warthog Prototype Displays Massive 37-Inch Tires

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Over the years, Ford has built a reputation for being tight-lipped when asked for confirmation on reports and rumors about its product releases. No comment is the company’s common response when these probes occur.

This is why it appears so uncharacteristic of the Blue Oval to be open about the testing being conducted on one variant of the highly anticipated Bronco SUV—the Warthog.

In a tweet posted by Ford’s official account, the automaker shared a new set of photos of what appears to be a Warthog prototype testing on 37-inch tires, plus a few other mules on public roads. The images allow a glimpse of the high-performance off-roader ahead of its release.

Prior to the tweet, TFL Car first spotted a small fleet of Warthog prototypes testing outside Denver. All of the vehicles were in camouflage, but their 4×4 built easily gave things away. Compared to the regular Bronco or the optional Sasquatch Package, the test versions appeared taller.

Unfortunately, the camouflage effectively covered key components that most people would be curious about. For instance, the suspension. At the moment, it’s still difficult to determine what would underpin the Bronco when it arrives.

Moreover, powertrain details are just as good as anyone else’s guess, although some experts are looking at the possibility of a 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder for the range-topping variant or a tweaked twin-turbo 2.7-liter V6 engine. A 3.5-liter EcoBoost similar to the F-150 is also possible as well as a V8 engine. So far, pretty much everything still remains to be seen—at least until Ford decides to reveal more information about its upcoming Bronco lineup.

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