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Ford fanatics better ready their markers to cross out November 17on the calendar as Ford has finally announced it as the official launch date of its Mustang-inspired electric SUV.

But before doing so, they can first marvel at the teaser photos the automaker shared just recently to give spectators a better idea of what to expect from the highly anticipated vehicle.

, Ford Shares Official Teasers of Mustang-Inspired SUV
Now that the date is finalized, Ford is expected to release more details about the electric SUV in the coming weeks, most specifically its official nameplate. | Source: Ford

Based on the photos, the front fascia displays similarities with the Mustang such as the angled and sharp headlight design and tri-element taillights. The roof, on the other hand, features a sharp spoiler on top as it flows to a sleek hatchback area.

The interior, meanwhile, remains a mystery as the Blue Oval is still mum on other details of the SUV. Other than what was recently released, the only other image the company has shared with the public is a shadowy teaser of the SUV’s rear end.

Nothing is also confirmed with regard to other specifications of the model except that Ford is aiming for an EPA rating of a 300-mile range. It is also believed to offer more battery options upon release, as well as an all-wheel and rear-wheel-drive setup.

Following Ford’’s announcement of its partnership with Electrify America, the all-electric SUV will be part of the FordPass Charging Network initiative.

Now that the date is finalized, Ford is expected to release more details in the coming weeks, most specifically the official nameplate for the model. The SUV is set to arrive at dealerships in 2020.

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