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More details were revealed about Ford’s upcoming Mustang-inspired SUV as the official launch date of the long-awaited model approaches.

The all-electric SUV is being developed as a performance vehicle and will come with at least a few battery versions as well as drive configurations.

According to reports, Ford is targeting an EPA range of 300 miles (483 km) when equipped with an extended battery and rear-wheel drive.

But aside from the extended battery, the Blue Oval is also looking to offer a standard battery option at a more affordable price albeit with less capacity and range.


, Ford’s Mustang-Inspired SUV to Get More Battery Options
With the charging ability of Ford’s new EV, it is expected to charge up to 47 miles in just 10 minutes using the Electrify America DC fast chargers.

In terms of driving configurations, it’s been decided from the get-go that the SUV will have a dual-motor, all-wheel drive system. However, the latest announcement from the brand confirms there will also be a rear-wheel-drive version. Additionally, the charging power was said to be at 150 kW for the extended battery.

With that charging ability, the EV is expected to have quick charging speeds on Electrify America’s network. Too, it should also be capable to charge up to 47 miles in just 10 minutes using the company’s DC fast chargers.

Ford’s recent partnership with Electrify America allows users of their electric vehicles access to 1,421 chargers in about 315 locations throughout the United States.

Ford is set to release the SUV sometime in late 2020.

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