How to Get Dog Hair Out of Your Car

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Driving with your dog, whether on a short jaunt or on a long road trip to the beach, is always special. But having a furry companion in the car isn’t all fun and games, as most pet owners know. Dog hair will inevitably get all over the inside of your vehicle, and by the end of the trip, you’ll be faced with the task of cleaning all that dog hair out of your car.

Sometimes, a good pat down just won’t cut it. Here are some of the most effective ways to get rid of all those fuzzies from your floor mats and upholstery:

8 Ways to Remove Dog Hair From Your Car

Rub the Hair off with Rubber Gloves

Yes, you read that right! Grab those rubber gloves (make sure they’re dry) and rub them on the affected areas. The static will help you “magnetize” the fur off of your upholstery. If there’s too much hair, you could try to spray a bit of water in order to get the hairs to clump together, which leads us to our second item on this list.

Spray with Water

Fill a spray bottle with water and spray the affected areas. This will moisten the hair and make them clump together, as mentioned above, making it easier for you to hand-pick them out of your upholstery.

Find Some Velcro Rollers

Velcro rollers aren’t just for your hair. If you have any of these lying around the house, these can also be useful tools for cleaning hair out of your car. All you have to do is carefully rub or roll them on the affected area, making sure to go in one direction.

These hairstyling staples are designed to grab onto human hair, so it should do the same for dog hair.

spray bottle with water and fabric softener used to remove dog hair from car
The ingredients used in fabric softeners can loosen up hair stuck on fabric, including dog hair. Mix it with water and pour int a spray bottle, then spray on affected areas.

Make Use of Fabric Softener

Mix some fabric softener and water in your spray bottle. This will help as the ingredients used in fabric softeners can effectively loosen up any hair that’s stuck on fabrics.

And the other bonus with using this method? If your fabric softener smells good, which they usually do, then it’ll make your car smell great—and hopefully help cover up that pervasive dog smell.

Keep a Lint Roller in the Car

Lint rollers attract hair and other particles, so it’s always a good idea to keep one in the glove compartment to quickly tidy up your interiors (or even your clothes, because as a pet owner, you probably always have a bit of dog hair stuck on you at all times).

Just roll it along the affected area to pick up all the loose dog hair and other unwanted dust and debris.

Use Duct Tape

Duct tape can also be a handy item to have in your car, for the same reason we recommended the lint roller. Take some tape and roll it around your hand with the sticky side facing outward. Pat or wipe the tape on the affected areas to pick up the hair.

Get Yourself a Portable Vacuum

Vacuum cleaners usually have an attachment specifically for the purpose of removing pet hair. Portable, battery-operated vacuum cleaners are usually pretty affordable, so you may want to get one specifically for your vehicle so you can keep your interiors clean at all times.

Try Using Balloons

People don’t normally have balloons lying around the house, but if you’re looking for a fun way to clean the car with your kids, this might be a good option. Blow them up, rub them on your upholstery or floor mats, and turn a tedious chore into a fun time.

excessive dog hair shedding
Brush your dog regularly to get rid of excess fur that it could shed in the car.

How to Minimize Excessive Shedding

Of course, not having to clean up all that hair will always be better, right? Save yourself the time and energy by minimizing your dog’s shedding to avoid cleanup altogether!

Regular brushing

A good brushing removes excess fur, which can help reduce the amount of hair that your dog will shed in the car.

Get special pet car seat covers

Investing in seat covers is always a great idea for any dog owner—it’ll make your life easier since all the hair (and maybe even the dirt from their paws) won’t end up on your upholstery.

Harness your dog

Using a harness will keep your dog safe and secure, plus it’ll keep the shedding concentrated in one area.This will make for faster cleanup.

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