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As car production remains halted in the United States, several automakers are extending whatever help they could to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

Among the first to respond to the pandemic was Hyundai, which committed to funnel its resources into the fight against COVID-19. The Korean automaker just announced its donation of 65,000 test kits that can help detect the disease.

The donation is part of the company’s support for 22 drive-thru test centers across the U.S. to streamline mass testing with less direct contact between patients and medical professionals.

Coronavirus test kits on a shelf
The test kits from Hyundai are manufactured by South Korean company Seegene .

According to Hyundai, the support and tests are the results of an in-house grant program that costs $4 million to back up increased testing in the U.S.

The test kits are manufactured by South Korean company Seegene and have the ability to detect three genes in order to determine if a person has been exposed to the virus. The priority is to roll out these tests in some of the hardest-hit areas such as New Orleans, Detroit, and Chicago.

Also part of Hyundai’s response to the pandemic is the revival of its Job Loss Assurance program, which will make up to six car payments for customers who decide to buy a new Hyundai. The company also expanded benefits to its existing customers by extending warranties that are due to end soon.

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