JC Whitney 101 Sweepstakes Jeep Build — Episode 5: Rampage Trailview Retractable Soft Top

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The Jeep Aftermarket is an innovative place filled with big and small companies constantly cooking up solutions for new and old Jeeps. One of our new favorite accessories is the Rampage Trailview top that takes a new approach to the folding panel over the front seats. Rather than a “flip back” style opening Rampage has come up with a “sliding” panel that can be opened or closed with one hand during a single stoplight cycle. We saw the top at SEMA last year and have wanted to give it a try.

Rampage has done a nice job packaging the Trailview top and upon opening the box you see a tiramisu type stack of components neatly arraigned and ready for installation. Another benefit of the Trailview top is that all of the required components are in the box; there is no need to visit the dealer for any miscellaneous seals, brackets, fasteners, etc. If you are shopping for a used Wrangler Unlimited it won’t matter if it comes with a hardtop, soft top or no top at all.

With all of the pieces unpacked and organized it looks like an Ikea event, but don’t panic. The instructions are up to the task and with basic tools and some patience the top will go together in under three hours.

The instructions begin with the door surrounds and related hardware and all of the parts go together well and fit the Jeep perfectly. The aluminum extrusions are nicely finished and the black sailcloth top fabric looks like it will stand up to many miles of off road activity.

With the left and right door surrounds assembled it was time to mount them to the Jeep with the provided hardware. With the frame in place it’s time install the unique Trailview top latches and sunroof. The balance of the soft top components are similar other Rampage soft tops and include useful features like lined storage pockets for the side windows integrated into the top and tinted windows.

The sunroof pops back with very little effort and the folding mechanism is well engineered. Another unique Rampage feature is the mesh storage pockets overhead for the driver and front passenger. The other Trailview soft top panels are infinitely adjustable and have sturdy Velcro fasteners, heavy duty zippers and nylon straps to adjust for the perfect fit. They will also come off easily and allow for a variety of configurations depending on your mood and the weather. Take a look at this quick video to see the silhouette of the Rampage Trailview top here:

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