New Ford Trademark Suggests Excursion Revival

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Big trucks and SUVs are making a comeback as evidenced by the upcoming arrival of the GMC-badged Hummer EV from General Motors and the reported return of the Grand Wagoneer nameplate for Jeep. 

As such, it’s no surprise America’s leading automaker, Ford, seems to also be looking at its old catalogs to find an old model to revive.

The company was revealed to have filed a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office allegedly for the Excursion nameplate. According to the application, it will be used for “motor vehicles, namely, automobiles, pick-up trucks, electric vehicles, sport utility vehicles, off-road vehicles, and their structural parts.”

While the uses stated in the trademark document may seem too broad for anyone to assume that it will be assigned to an SUV or large EV truck, it’s not entirely impossible considering that the model was originally positioned just above the large Expedition SUV when it was introduced for the 2000 model year.

Ford Bronco emblem on car panel
Ford is also reviving the Bronco, which is set to arrive in 2021.

At the time, it shared several components with the F-150 pickup and the behemoth F-Series Super Duty trucks. It also offered three engine options, including a V-10 and a diesel V-8, as well as the size and towing capacity of the best-selling trucks. On top of that, the model came with a wagon body that gave plenty of room for three rows of seats and cargo space.

And while it only stayed in the market for a few years, the Excursion was able to amass a loyal following who liked it for the heavy-duty underpinnings and the ability to carry a large group of passengers.

Right now it’s still uncertain what Ford plans to do with the new trademark. But if it turns out to be for an EV truck or SUV, it will likely be the company’s answer to GMC’s Hummer EV and Jeep’s Grand Wagoneer.

It will also join the Blue Oval’s growing list of revived models like the Bronco. Although considering the Bronco’s arrival in 2021, an Excursion model may not be available until a few years later.

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