No Flat-Towing for Future Bronco Sport Owners

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Towing a vehicle with all four wheels on the ground and the transmission set to Neutral, otherwise known as flat-towing, is never ideal for a vehicle not designed for the purpose. But this practice is very common among car owners.

There are a lot of instances when a vehicle is pulled while both axles are on the ground and the wheels are turning. When this happens, the wheels also turn the half shafts, which then instructs the drivetrain to transmit torque. It ultimately results in the accelerated wear of the components regardless if the vehicle is equipped with an automatic transmission or a pump-lubricated manual transmission.

This unhealthy practice, however, will no longer be an option in the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport.

According to a report by online publication Motor1, Ford will not be offering a flat-towing capability in the upcoming Bronco Sport. The Blue Oval said that research conducted by the company shows “relatively few customers plan to tow Bronco Sports versus [Broncos].”

new ford bronco in action scaled
According to Ford, relatively few customers plan to tow Bronco Sports. | Source: Ford

So what does this mean for interested buyers looking to flat-tow their Bronco Sport?

A workaround would be to get aftermarket auxiliary pumps, which can be used to keep the lubrication flowing continuously even while the engine is not running. This will reportedly make flat-towing possible without causing premature drivetrain failure.

However, doing so will likely void Ford’s warranty, so customers just have to weigh their options better.

If anything, Ford said it continues to take note of customer feedback.

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