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The blower motor resistor controls the airflow from the HVAC ducts of older vehicles. When you turn the blower fan speed knob to change the setting, you direct the electric current through a path with different resistance. Lower speed settings have more resistance and reduce the power that reaches the blower motor, thus reducing the fan speed. Conversely, higher speed settings have less resistance, supplying the motor with more power and producing more airflow.

Not every vehicle puts its blower motor resistor in the same place, but the part is usually near the blower motor. In many vehicle models, you can find the resistor under the device it controls. More modern models put the resistor in one of the HVAC system’s ducts, while some older vehicles install the part on the firewall and provide access from under the hood. Another potential location is over the gas pedal on the driver’s side of the footwell.

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The blower motor resistor of the 2005 Toyota Tacoma is on the firewall to the left of the motor. In the 2008-2011 Ford F-150, the resistor sits behind the glove compartment on the air duct’s right side.

Tips on How to Access the Blower Motor Resistor

Is the blower motor resistor placed under the blower motor? You can usually access it by removing the glove compartment.

In vehicles that put the blower motor resistor near the firewall, you might need to open an access panel or flap to reach the part.

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