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The backup light switch is an electronic device that controls the backup lights. Also called the reverse light switch, it makes the reverse lights illuminate when the vehicle backs up, warning other drivers and lighting up the space behind your vehicle. In some models, the backup light switch also activates the backup alarm, adding an audible warning to the visual cue. 

Many vehicles place their backup light switch on the transmission case, which is found inside the gearbox. The switch’s exact location depends on the engine’s position. A transverse (sideways-mounted) engine puts the switch on top of the transmission. In other engines, the switch might be found attached to the transmission’s bottom.

In the manual version of the 2006 Dodge Dakota, the backup drive switch can be found on the transmission case’s left side. The 2007-2013 Toyota Corolla places its switch on top of the transmission. For the manual 2010 Toyota Tacoma, the switch is on the bottom.

Tips on How to Access the Backup Light Switch

Need to access the backup light switch? Many models require the removal of the car battery, battery tray, and air filter box. If your vehicle has a transverse engine, the switch should appear after removing the air filter box.

A bottom-mounted backup light switch requires you to jack up your vehicle’s front and use jack stands to keep it raised. Go underneath your vehicle and remove the engine splash shield to expose the bottom of the transmission. You’ll find the sensor there.

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