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The fuel pump shut off switch automatically stops fuel from flowing out of the fuel tank to the engine in the event of a moderate or severe crash.

The fuel shut off switch can be located in several different places.  It can be under a side panel located next to the driver’s door or the footrest area or it can also be under the carpet. For SUVs, a common location is in the luggage compartment under an access panel.

On vehicles like the Ford Fiesta, the fuel shut off switch can be located inside the car’s glove compartment. To access it, you’ll need to open your glove compartment and pull out the storage bin. You’ll then be able to see a red or yellow button.

Tips on How to Access the Fuel Shut Off Switch

The switch is typically located behind a piece of plastic. This can be your glove box storage bin or near the footrest area. Removing these components might require some elbow grease or tools like screws. The fuel shut off switch’s location can also be dark and difficult to reach.

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