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The speedometer cable is an important part of traditional speedometers. It helps translate your vehicle’s drivetrain revolutions into a number that you can easily read on your speedometer so you can know how fast you’re driving.

On vehicles with cable-driven speedometers, you can typically find the speedometer cable with one end connected to the gauge cluster and the other end to the transmission. It runs through the firewall and underneath the engine bay, where it connects to the transmission.

On a 1982 Celica Supra, you can find one end of the speedometer cable connected to the back of the gauge cluster and the other end screwed into the transmission. Older Ford and Chrysler models also used speedometer cables, but most modern vehicles don’t actually have speedometer cables anymore.

Tips on How to Access the Speedometer Cable

Accessing the speedometer cable can be a complicated process. On some vehicles, you’ll have to pull out parts of the dashboard first just to get to one end of the speedometer cable. To replace the speedometer cable, you’ll have to get to the other end too, which is screwed into the transmission.

You’ll have to jack up your vehicle’s passenger side and crawl under so you can see the speedometer cable connected to the transmission. You can usually unscrew it with your hand, but it’s a good idea to keep a pair of pliers around in case it gets stuck.

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