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The transmission dipstick shows the amount of transmission fluid in a vehicle with an automatic transmission. It works like its distant cousin, the oil dipstick, and can warn you about low transmission fluid levels caused by issues like excess consumption.

The vehicle’s powertrain type will determine where to find its transmission dipstick. A rear-wheel drive (RWD) vehicle places its transmission dipstick near the engine’s rear. Conversely, a front-wheel drive (FWD) vehicle puts its dipstick near its front. In the latter system, the transmission dipstick protrudes out of the transaxle.

In the 2005 Toyota Sequoia, you can find the dipstick in the left side of the engine’s back. The 2000 Lincoln Continental puts its dipstick on the transaxle on the driver’s side of the engine. Meanwhile, the transmission dipstick of the 2005-2010 Chrysler 300 is on the left side of the engine’s rear. Some vehicles, like the 2005 Mercury Mountaineer and Ford F-150s built from 2017, lack a transmission  dipstick.

Tips on How to Access the Transmission Dipstick

In many vehicles, the transmission dipstick is near the engine oil dipstick. There are several ways to tell them apart. The transmission dipstick is usually further back on the engine–look for the one near the firewall. It often has a prominent symbol that indicates its connection to the transmission. Its handle will also have a different color. Last but not least, transmission fluid has a different color compared to engine oil. Check your owner’s manual if you’re still not sure which dipstick measures which fluid.

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