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The parking brake prevents the vehicle from moving while it’s parked. Also called the emergency brake or hand brake, it’s a mechanical system that can operate separately from the service brakes. There are several different variations of parking brakes: The center lever parking brake, pedal parking brake, stick lever parking brake, pull handle parking brake, and electronic or push-button parking brake

The parking brake’s location depends on its type. The pedal parking brake is usually located to the left of the driver’s footwell, keeping it separate from the accelerator, brake, and clutch (for manual transmission) pedals. Meanwhile, the center lever parking brake and stick lever parking brakes sit between the front seats for the driver and passenger. The pull handle parking brake’s location varies but is usually within easy reach of the driver and often works with the pedal variation. Finally, the button that engages the electronic parking brake often appears on the instrument panel or center console.

Tips on How to Access the Parking Brake

The parking brake sometimes stops responding because of an issue with its lever. You can resolve the issue by adjusting the lever. Use a trim tool to detach the parking brake lever, remove the boot, and tighten the adjuster bolt.

If adjusting the parking brake lever didn’t fix the problem, check the parking brake cables. The cables might have snapped or corroded, so and you must replace them. Also, check the connection with the brake drums. A loosely connected parking brake cable won’t engage the brakes.

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