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If frequent trips to the carwash seem to make little difference in the appearance of your wheels, failing to remove the accumulation of grime, it is likely that the black mess on your wheels is not typical road dirt. It is probably an accumulation of brake dust, which can be very difficult for the average carwash to remove. A set of Audi brake dust shields could help to keep the brake dust from making such a mess of your wheels. Brake dust is an unavoidable byproduct of the disc brake system. The brake pads lose a bit of the friction material that they use to stop your vehicle every time the brakes are applied. The material that is shed by the brake pads is made up of metal filings, carbon and adhesives that help it to stick to your wheels to cause that unsightly buildup of grime. This dust can be corrosive if left on the wheels too long, eventually beginning to etch the surface and ruin the finish. The simple installation of a set of Audi brake dust shields could protect against this type of damage. There are special solvents made for the removal of brake dust from the wheels, but many are ineffective, leaving you work hard scrubbing away the mess. Others are harsh enough to remove the wheel finish along with the brake dust. Audi brake dust shield will stop the accumulation in the first place, making all that work unnecessary. Our online catalog features a selection of quality Audi brake dust shields at great prices, and our secure site makes ordering them safe and easy. If you prefer to order by phone, our toll-free phone line can efficiently process your Audi brake dust shields order as well.

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