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Buick Riviera

Buick Riviera Parts & Accessories

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Get the most out of your Buick Riviera by staying on top of its maintenance and repair. Here at CarParts.com, you can get the Buick Riviera parts you need with just a few clicks. Choose from our selection of convertible tops, carpet kits, brake disc and pad kits, and more for various model years. Shop and enjoy the best deals on Buick parts today!

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Item were very easy to install had no problem at all knew where the upstream went anSee More
Richard L.
Great service and great job
Jennifer F.

Product Questions & Answers

Q:Wanted to know if they are power window motors ?
Kelvin N.
A:BEST ANSWERHi Kelvin, I'm pleased to assist you. Yes. These window motors are for power windows. Click on the link below to order at 64% off the regular price while supplies last. https://www.carparts.com/window-motor/replacement/set-b468701?can=CPGG4850 I hope this helps. Enjoy shopping at Carparts.com! Show less
Grace G.
3 Questions, 1 AnswerView all Q&As >
Q:Will the fan shroud fit back in like original?
Rodney C.
A:BEST ANSWERHi Rodney, I'm glad to assist you. Yes, it will. If you're interested in this radiator, you can click on the link below for direct ordering to take advantage of our ongoing sale and limited stocks. I hope this helps and happy shopping. https://www.carparts.com/radiator/replacement/p161?can=CPAE1047_20220411 Show less
Arnel E.
5 Questions, 1 AnswerView all Q&As >
Q:Hi Mia,  I am no mechanic, just making sure..... I have a 1992 Cadillac Brougham, My passenger side window is slow, and getting to the point where it doesn’t go all the way up at times.... I am wondering if this is what I need to replace/repair and with this 4 piece set, it will allow me to do all 4 doors?? Thanks  V Show Less
victor t.
A:BEST ANSWERHi Victor, I'm glad to assist you. Yes, Those are the correct parts you will need to replace if you have not serviced those window motors for many years back. Take advantage of the bundled set promo sale. Click the link below to order today. This also comes with a 30-day post price match guarantee for the whole set. I hope this helps. Happy shopping. https://www.carparts.com/window-motor/replacement/set-b468701-4?can=CPJE1043 Show less
Jeonino E.
5 Questions, 1 AnswerView all Q&As >

Shopping for Buick Riviera Parts

The Buick Riviera was considered one of the most reliable cars back in its heyday, and if yours is still running, it simply goes to show how dependable it can be. Unfortunately, some of your Riviera’s parts are bound to wear out or get damaged over time and affect its performance. The good news is that here at CarParts.com, it only takes a few clicks to get the Buick Riviera parts you need and have your daily driver running like it’s good as new.

Buick Riviera: Commonly Replaced Parts

Reports show that many Rivieras tend to have faulty parts that caused oil to leak from underneath the engine. A defective intake manifold, power steering hose, and valve cover gaskets have been identified as some of the most common causes of this issue.

Performance issues, such as a stalling engine, have also been common in some Riviera redesigns. According to experts, a faulty mass air flow (MAF) or crankshaft position sensor is the typical cause of this problem.

Your Riviera could develop the same problems after some time, which is why it's important to check your vehicle for any sign of trouble. And when it's time to shop for top-notch replacement parts and upgrades, no one offers better choices than CarParts.com. Our Buick Riviera aftermarket parts passed the highest quality control standards, so you’re sure to get products that are built tough.

Buick Riviera Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket parts are no different than OE parts in terms of quality. Like OE parts, they are made using durable materials, follow make-model specifications, and undergo strict quality checks to ensure long-lasting dependability. The only difference is that aftermarket parts don’t carry the automaker’s brand name, so they tend to cost less than OE parts.

When shopping for Buick Riviera upgrades and accessories, going the aftermarket route also has other advantages. Due to the number of third-party manufacturers producing the same parts, you’ll have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to style, material, finish, and more. Aftermarket parts also have wider distribution channels than OE parts, so you won’t have a hard time finding the products you need.

Why Buy Buick Riviera Parts Online from CarParts.com

Here at CarParts.com, we have a wide selection of Buick Riviera parts for sale that come as direct-fit replacements for various model years. Take your pick from OE-grade Buick Riviera body parts, upgrades, replacement parts, and accessories, and check out securely in a matter of minutes.

All our products come with a low-price guarantee to help you get the best value for your money. We also ship from strategically located warehouses across the US. Order now, and we’ll deliver the parts you need straight to your doorstep in as fast as two business days.

Ready to shop? Enter your Riviera’s model year into our vehicle selector to start your search. This will narrow down our catalog to compatible products. And if you have further questions, you can send us a message or call us using our toll-free hotline anytime and we’ll be ready to assist you. Grab the best deals on Buick Riviera parts today only here at CarParts.com!

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