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my control asrm works just great. It was just what i needed. thanks for sending it in such a timely manner,and in great condition.
michael pogue
Purchased on Jul 26, 2020
Great, exact fit. Would recommend buying cri these guys...
Ronald Brown
Purchased on Jan 15, 2020
Great price compared to local automotive stores.
Chad Sporing
Purchased on Aug 05, 2019

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Three shields arranged touching each other on a diagonal lineup inside a ring, the official emblem identifying the Buick. It is also the car brand built under the respected name of General Motors in the United States, and the car once distinguished by the use of the traditional Buick Styling Cue of the 1949, the Ventiports or a series of three or four portholes incorporated on the front fender behind the front wheels. It is also known for the "sweep-side" styling cue. Buick has always been also associated to "nailhead", the nickname of the Buick V8 engine that has been popular hot-rodders of the 50s and 60s.

Looking back at the past design and quality of Buick parts, the vehicle undoubtedly was an expression of unique innovativeness. In its very first platform in the last part of the 1900s, Buick showed expandable land machine and sports car concept. David Dunbar Buick by then, the inventor of the vehicle's basis of Buick's success which is the overhead valve engine. Indeed, has become one of America's largest car makers, and then transformed its name to General Motors, the gigantic name in car making.
GM successfully made use of the technology invented by Buick thus developed diverse kinds of Buick platforms. Maybe you have already heard or even driven one of these, the Buick Apollo, Buick Caballero, Buick Centurion, Buick Century, Buick Eight, Buick Electra, Buick Estate, Buick Grand National, Buick Gran Sport, Buick GSX, Buick Invicta, and Buick Limited. Others were Buick Reatta, Buick Regal, Buick Riviera, Buick Roadmaster, Buick Skyhawk, Buick Skylark, Buick Somerset, Buick Special, Buick Sport Wagon, Buick Super, and Buick Wildcat. In the current edition of Buicks, midsize models 2006 Buick LaCrosse and 2006 Buick LeSabre, as well as fullsize 2006 Buick Lucerne and 2006 Buick Park Avenue was introduced to the market along with the midsize car 2005 Buick Century. And completing the lineup of our generations Buicks, there's the sport utility vehicles Buick Rainier and Buick Rendezvous Crossover, plus the minivan Buick Terraza and fullsize Buick Royaum. They all received modern equipments, fresher body designs and moldings, and upgraded Buick parts.

Buick LeSabre Custom offered 3800 series II V6 engine, cloth seats and 15-inch wheels, while the LeSabre Limited boasts full range traction control, heated front seats and driver information center. Another LeSabre trim is the Celebration Edition, offering StabiliTrak®, heated front seats, head-up windshield display, and 16-inch chrome plated wheels. Power locks and power windows were given to LaCrosse CX while leather-appointed seating for lacrosse CXL. The 3800 series III V6 engine, premium ride suspension and QuietTuning were all endowed to both LaCrosse CX and CXL. CX and CXL are also the trim names of the current Terraza. They offer standard StabiliTrak and traction control, OnStar, dual power sliding doors, and ultrasonic rear park assist. The Rendezvous, like LaCrosse and Terraza also come in CX and CLX trims, and the Plus on both names. Available for them is the 185 horsepower 3.4-liter V6 engine, cloth seats, 5-passenger seating, 17-inch steel wheels, full-range traction control, leather-appointed seats and rear parking assist. Unlike the onthe models, Buick rainier comes only with CXL trim, featuring 175 horsepower inline6 engine, theft deterrent system, 17-inch aluminum wheels and leather-appointed seating. 2006 Buick Lucerne as the division's latest platform cannot be left behind with its amazing 4.6 V8 and 3.8 V6 engines, along with dual-depth airbags, heated and cooled front seats, rain-sensing wipers, heated water fluid system, and ultrasonic park assist.

You might be wondering, if these vehicles now show great values, what is the extent of innovations in the future, or will it offer its extent soon? But who could tell? Maybe this GM division could go farther than what others have now reached. Let's just find out.


Closer Look at Buick Automobiles

Enthusiasts like you surely won't get enough of Buick, especially if you already experience its true-to-life immersion in modern luxury with its full new line of futuristic models'the Enclave, Lacrosse, and Lucerne. With their distinct Buick parts artfully played, you'll easily distinguish them even from a distance. And backed by the quality known to the brand and its parent company, General Motors (GM), 2008 Buicks are now packed with the 100,000 mile/5-year power train warranty. Added to this, Buick models are also optimum in safety. In fact, they have been awarded five stars by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) for passing frontal crash tests.sent among this year's new launches. The only difference is that these distinguishing labels are crafted to look more modern and even better, perfectly matching and complementing the evolving features of modern Buick vehicles. Many more innovative Buick car parts, accessories, and features are also added to further improve their elegance and dependability. Among the most outstanding are Enclave's Stabilitrak, La Crosse's Ultrasonic Rear Parking Assist, and Lucerne's Heated Washer Fluid System.All these new features and improved Buick parts add more colors to the already colorful history of the brand. And if ever you have a Buick in your garage and you need improved parts, you'll easily find original equipment (OE) replacements and upgraded components from reputable dealers online.

Buick: Made in the USA

You can't go wrong with an American-made vehicle, and that's exactly what Buick is known for. Buick is currently the oldest active American make, making them one of the best pioneers in the history of auto making. The company can trace its roots back as the Buick Auto-Vim and Power Company in 1899 by founder David Dunbar Buick, which is now under General Motors group of companies. Over the years, Buick vehicle have held some rather unique features that they have clearly made their own. Let's take a look at what has made this particular brand last for such a very long time.

David Buick's Trishield

Rooted in founder David Buick's ancestral coat of arms, the Trishield logo is unique to the brand. The old logo was comprised of a trio of shields in red, white and blue, denoting the LeSabre, Invicta, and Electra, which was the Buick lineup back then. These patriotic colors have since been simplified into today's elegant monochrome form, but you can still see people replacing their vehicle's emblem with the more classic red, white, and blue.

The most dependable brand in the US

In a J.D. Power and Associates Vehicle Dependability Study, Buick tied with Jaguar as the most dependable automotive brand in the United States. What else can you expect from the oldest automaker in the US? Today, Buick continues to grow and is currently ranked as the fastest growing vehicle brand in North America and has also attracted a younger customer demographic. It just shows that even today, Americans young or old, continue to place Buick in high regard when it comes to vehicle performance and safety.

An American tradition

With a rich history of innovation that goes back to the turn of the century, Buick is here to stay. Today's vehicles are designed to better appeal to the younger generation, just like their classic lineup appealed to their fathers and grandfathers back then. Sedans and crossover SUVs dominate Buick's current lineup, and they are loaded with advanced features such as fuel efficient technology, top-of-the-line safety devices, and most of all, the unique look and design that only Buick can offer.

Better Fuel Efficiency with Buick's Innovative eAssist Technology

It's good to know that America's oldest vehicle brand is still leading the pack when it comes to innovative technology with the introduction of its eAssist system. This new tech can drastically improve a vehicle's fuel efficiency by up to an estimated 25%! That's a big deal, especially with gasoline's prices nowadays. Let's take a look at how Buick was able to manage this feat and what it means for future vehicles from this tried and tested brand.

The latest tech from the oldest American auto brand

Buick's eAssist technology can improve a vehicle's fuel efficiency by simply adding a small electric motor that works in conjunction with an ECOTEC engine. It does this in several ways with innovations like:

  • Automatically shifting from the gasoline powered engine to the electric motor. It does this seamlessly that you won't even feel it kick in. Once you step off the brakes, you engine will automatically restart without any lag.
  • It uses the concept of regenerative braking, allowing your vehicle to convert its forward momentum into usable energy whenever you slow down or come to a complete stop. Your car's batteries will last longer and it works great with the electric motor's lithium-ion battery.
  • Speaking of which, the state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery that powers the electric motor would also help run other accessories such as your radio, climate control systems, and other electronics. When used with regenerative braking, you'll be basically getting free electricity for your devices whenever you stop or slow down.
Vehicles that have eAssist today

Both the 2012 LaCrosse and the 2012 Regal have eAssist tech built-in, and both have proven to provide better fuel efficiency compared to their competitors in their respective vehicle classes. Coupled with Buick's expertise in aerodynamics and engine fuel economy, then you've got a winning combination that's sure to help you save more whenever you're at the pump.

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