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Jeep vehicles had always been credited for its unmatched and undeniably reliable versatility and ability. Its name was believed to have been originated from a comic strip character named Eugene the Jeep who has the knack for walking though walls and ceilings, climbing trees, flying, and just about going anywhere it wanted. Correlating the said origin with the Jeep vehicles' performance, you can say that indeed, Jeep vehicles is one amazing vehicle that offers anything you wanted in vehicle - an all around one!

To complete the story, Jeep marque has been in the automotive business for quite some time now. Started around 1940s, Jeep came to boast several remarkable models such as the Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee, Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Commando, Jeep Scrambler together with all the CJ models and the Jeep Liberty. The Jeep Liberty is just one of the Jeep models that belong to the SUV segment. It is in fact a compact Sport Utility Vehicle which was introduced in 2002 by the Chrysler Corporation, known now as the DaimlerChrysler, under the Jeep marque.

The Jeep Liberty is again the first one to boast an independent front suspension, after the 1962 Jeep Wagoneer. It also came to use two new PowerTech engines and these are the 150-horsepower, 2.4-liter, I4 engine and the 210-horsepower, 3.7-liter, V6 engine. Other features such as 4-wheel disc brakes various engine make-ups can be noted on the Liberty as years went by. For every vehicle makes and models corresponding parts and accessories are being offered to keep abreast with the repair and maintenance of the everyday wear and tear of the automobile.

One the Jeep Liberty parts that is as important as the brake, seatbelt, airbag and the like is the Jeep Liberty bumper. Bumpers are designed to take on the impact and absorb the force encountered during collisions and bumps. Vehicles are usually dressed with both front and rear bumpers. Standard bumpers can be made exciting and more attractive and functional through customization. The addition or installation of bumper cover, bumper guards or the use of step bumpers and inserts can turn your ordinary bumpers into cool and useful ones.

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