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Whether the Dodge you drive is a stunning classic, a gleaming vehicle just off the showroom floor, or something in between, a Dodge car cover is a smart investment. This small investment of your time and money will provide serious protection for your vehicle when it is not in use. A Dodge car cover is a good idea, whether you park outside or inside of the garage. There are, surprisingly, numerous hazards in the garage that make it worthwhile to keep your vehicle covered. One spilled can of paint, one container of paint thinner falling from a shelf, kids passing through with bikes and toys, people carrying bags and boxes - each of these can cause real damage to a vehicle that is not protected by a Dodge car cover. The Dodge car cover for inside use will be of a different type, lighter, than what you'll be using if you store your vehicle outside. There are a variety of Dodge car cover options to choose from if you are looking for one for outside use. There are those for severe winter weather, thick and heavy, with triple stitched seams and able to be securely fastened against the wind and there are also Dodge car cover types made especially for sunny climates, as the sun can cause quite a bit of damage to a vehicle, its strong rays causing fading and cracking. The textiles used in the Dodge car cover types available today are quite remarkable. Many Dodge car cover styles include a layer of a special fabric with near microscopic perforations, so small that a raindrop is too big to fit in. However, condensation is able to evaporate out, instead of pooling, perhaps to cause damage. A Dodge car cover takes mere minutes to put on and take off, and the protection it offers is well worth the effort. Our online catalog features an excellent Dodge car cover selection, readily available for ordering using either our secure site or our toll-free telephone number.

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