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Got it on time.
Carl Taylor
Purchased on Oct 04, 2020
TrueDrive® Wheel Bearing - Sold individually
May 25, 2020
it's a little hard to decide a wheel bearing. I was impressed that they looked like the picture online, and very pleased with the workmanship.
They looked just like the picture shown online.
Nancy Clou
Purchased on May 02, 2020
Alsome just what I needed thanks will buy from again
Rick Dzurovcin
Purchased on Apr 26, 2020

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Innovation and leadership - these two words always describe Dodge. Despite the many automobile manufacturers in the market today, Dodge had managed to stay on top. The tight competition in the automotive industry became Dodge's inspiration to struggle hard and come out with exemplified and innovative vehicle products and output. The plight that Dodge has taken since entering the industry of automobiles was never easy, with the other big competitors out there. But with innovations and dedication, Dodge achieved its goals and remained in the industry as one of the most successful automobile manufacturers. Dodge, like other manufacturers, started from a small company before making it big. However, Dodge has stayed in the league and has even created several types of bestselling vehicles.
The Dodge brand, which was formerly known as Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicle Company went through an interesting history. The Dodge brothers started to work with the Ford Motor Company, and Later on decided to put up their own automobile industry. In 1913, they began producing their own automobiles, and the first Dodge automobile appeared on November 14, 1914 with their name on it as a 1915 model. Dodge started well.
Their first truck sold well, surpassing Ford's Model T. After the First World War, the 1918 model, the military ambulance was converted to the famous Dodge Brothers half-ton Screenside Commercial Car was released. The Screenside was built on a 114-inch wheelbase automobile chassis with a maximum payload of 1,000 lbs. (half-ton) and used the auto's 212 cubic inch, 35 horsepower, four cylinder engine in three speed transmission. Approximately six months after launching the Screenside, the half-ton was added to the commercial car line. Afterwhich, constant upgrades and year-to-year changes were offered for its aficionados.
Throughout the decades, Dodge has introduced many good-featured and fabulous vehicle models like the Durango, Dakota, Caravan, Viper, and many others. But be it the latest model or the old ones, when you heard that it is Dodge-made, you know for a fact that it is of good quality. Nevertheless, proper care and maintenance of the overall Dodge is very important. If in case, some of your Dodge body parts are worn out already, there's no need to worry. From aftermarket parts, OEM parts to restoration, until replacement Dodge parts, internet has it all. These online auto parts market offers a lot of convenience. You can now have your needed Dodge parts without spending much effort looking for a single part with a chance of not finding it within your town.


Closer Look at Dodge Automobiles

Dodge vehicles are high-end automobiles dating back to the 1900s. First known to the Dodge Brothers Company, they became the second highest-selling American autos even in their early years, all thanks to their excellent engineering and reliable Dodge parts. However, the Dodge brothers died in 1920, and the company became part of Chrysler.The K-cars were the first famous brainchildren of Dodge under Chrysler's management, exemplified by the bestseller models Aries and Caravan. One of the noted Dodge auto parts and features in these models was their durable front-wheel drive platform, a pioneer that brought forth more models and gave birth to the minivan. Another significant Dodge success could be seen on the popularity of various Dodge trucks like the Ram, plus the reliability of all Dodge Ram parts and Dodge truck parts. These models boast of a four-wheel drive platform and military looks that have captivated most civilian drivers and enthusiasts. To this day, the durability associated with every Dodge model still stands.Dodge continuously moves onwards, already producing electric vehicles as well as introducing new models with improved features. The newest 2009 RAM 1500 is the same high-performance and sporty Dodge model with more upgraded Dodge parts. Some of its most unique and appealing features are its multi-coil suspension and wifi connection. With all these new innovations and this new spacious ride, you can now enjoy your travels with as many as eight of your friends/ The Dodge name is truly a classic in the industry.

From Humble Beginnings: The History of Dodge

Brothers John and Horace Dodge founded the Dodge Brothers Inc in 1914, after building engines for Henry Ford. The Dodge Brothers Inc was the first automobile manufacturer to mass-produce an all-steel touring car, which was used by General John J. Pershing during the 1916 Mexican Border campaign against Pancho Villa. More than 45,000 Dodge cars were built and sold in 1915, making Dodge the second-best selling car in America. Dodge cars and pickup trucks earned a reputation for its value, reliability, and durability.

A Solid Reputation: Dodge Model 30

The Dodge Model 30 was the first mass-produced car to sport a new 212-cubic inch four-cylinder engine. It also sported a rigid and durable, all-steel body construction versus the standard wood-framed automobiles. Dodge also included features like the 12-volt electrical system, sliding gear transmission, and a 35 horsepower engine. Lt. George S. Patton used the Dodge Model 30 to raid a ranch house in San Miguelito, Sonora during the Pancho Villa Expedition. In 1925, Dodge was able to manufacture and sell a million cars.

Proven Reliability: Pick Up Trucks

With the success of their cars, the Dodge Brothers thought of expanding to other car manufacturing areas and trucks seemed to be a great start. They first introduced light and medium-duty models which were based on their passenger car's body. As time went by, Dodge's trucks gained their own chassis and body designs. The four-wheeled drive trucks came out after World War II and the very first 4WD truck was the Power Wagon. Dodge also incorporated car-like features to its trucks like an "adventure package" in the 1960s and a "sedan-like space" in itsClub Cub of the 1970s.

A Durable Future: The Dodge Dart

In an era where the compact car is slowly become king, Dodge enters the arena with its Dart. Built from the same platform as the Alfa Romeo Giulleta, the Dart is packed with innovative features like a Thin Film Transistor orTFT instrument cluster, a MultiAir Turbo Engine Technology, Dual Dry Clutch Transmission or DDCT, and Active Grille Shutters. Dodge engineers went back to their roots and followed John and Horace's legacy to not just create but to also innovate. The Dart was born out of Dodge's innovative techniques and technologies.

Dodge Hits Its Target with the New Dart

Dodge redefines the compact car with the all new Dart. Merging Dodge's passion for performance and Alfa Romeo's DNA gave birth to a stylish, fuel efficient, tech-savvy, and aerodynamic compact car. The Dart has all the right ingredients and attitude to give its owners a very agile and fun-to-drive machine.

Engine Power through Technology

The new Dart has three new engines to choose from: a 1.4-liter 16-valve Intercooled MultiAir Turbo engine, a 2.0-liter 16-valveTigershark four-cylinder engine, and a 2.4-liter 16-valve MultiAir II four-cylinder engine. With at least 160 hp and 148 lbs-ft of torque, these engines optimize air flow for maximum efficiency, increase power by 10 percent, and it also reduce carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 10 percent. The Dart, clearly, is the result of Dodge's commitment to change how a compact car's engine should be, powerful yet efficient.

Tailor-made for Driving Fun

Paired with the Dart's powerful new engine, Dodge engineers listened to the drivers, and introduced the six-speed manual transmission. This state-of-the-art unit has optimized gear ratios to maintain low engine rpm during high-speed driving, which maximizes fuel economy and minimizes cabin noise. It also features the Hill-start Assist System which automatically engages when it senses that the Dart is on a hill. Dodge's mission is to bring back the joy of shifting gears, and make driving seriously fun once more.

"Aero-Dramatic" Design

Dodge's design team created a world-class aerodynamic vehicle for everyone to love. The Dart has a one ?of-a-kind system called the Active Grille Shutter System. This system automatically blocks air flow through the lower grill while driving at high speeds, reducing drag, and increasing fuel economy. Dodge's also included aerodynamic details like the laser-brazed roof ditch, trapped hood design, and rear lower diffuser panel to increase the Dart's aerodynamic profile and its artful design.

The Dodge Dart's design was inspired by the beautifully designed cars throughout time. With all of its great proportions and performance inspired design, the Dart delivers world-class features and is what a compact sedan should be: fast, beautiful, and efficient.

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