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Save the Environment, Get the Right Fuel Cell

A fuel cell is just not any upgrade for rides; it's basically an alternative for fuel source for vehicles. Instead of gasoline, the cell converts chemicals like oxygen and hydrogen into water and provides the electricity that's needed for the automobile's operation. So if you want to save the environment by emitting water vapors instead of harmful gases, then read on to help you decide on the fuel cell that you should purchase.

Polymer exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC)

Out of the four kinds of fuel cells, this is most likely used on transportation applications and is the only one suitable for vehicles. It has high power density and has a relatively low operating temperature. This means that it doesn't take long for the fuel cell to warm up and begin to generate electricity. So if you're going to buy a fuel cell, make sure you purchase one that's a polymer exchange member fuel cell.

Reasons why you should buy a fuel cell

  1. Car Efficiency: Since pollution is really evident and one of the major pollutants is cars, the primary goal of a fuel cell is to lessen the dirty air in our environment. Instead of smoke, cars emit water vapor.
    Fuel cell with pure hydrogen: If you're going to buy a fuel cell that has hydrogen, the car will have the potential to be up to 80 percent efficient if it converts 80 percent of the energy content of the hydrogen into electrical energy.
    Fuel cell without pure hydrogen: If you buy one without pure hydrogen, the car will need to have a reformer to turn hydrocarbon or alcohol fuels intro hydrogen.
  2. Gasoline and Battery Power Efficiency: Cars with fuel cell are potentially as efficient with as a battery-powered car that relies on a non-fuel-burning power plant.

Now you have an idea about the effects of a fuel cell in your vehicle. What are you waiting for? Purchase a fuel now. Good luck!

Easy-to-Follow Steps in Installing a Fuel Cell

Racing is not just about speedy cars and protective gear. To be able to speed up on the racetrack, your vehicle must also be equipped with a fuel cell. This will keep the gas tank from rupturing should a crash happen. If you want to install a fuel cell in your ride, then no worries because we have come up with a detailed process to help you out!

Difficulty level: moderate

What you'll need:

  • 1-inch steel tubing
  • Tape measure
  • Welder
  • Shop saw
  • Power drill
  • Felt-tip marker
  • Bolts
  • Socket wrench
  • Nuts

Step 1: Using the tape measure, take the height, width, and depth measurements of the fuel cell and take note of them.

Step 2: Measure the 1-inch steel tubing with the measurements taken. With a chop saw, create six pieces to match the height, five pieces to match the depth, and four pieces to match the width.

Step 3: Weld the four pieces for the height, four pieces for the width, and another four pieces for the depth into a box or cage. Then, take the remaining two pieces to weld for the height and the piece for the depth to the sides at the middle of the cage.

Step 4: Take the measurements of the place of the bolts holes on the fuel cell and mark the bolts location on the steel cage using a felt-tip marker.

Step 5: With a power drill, make bolt holes into the steel tubing.

Step 6: Put the cage into the rear end of the vehicle and weld it to the frame. Place the fuel cell into the cage. Put in the bolts into the bolt holes and tighten the nut with a socket wrench. And your job is done!


  • Be sure to wear protective gear such as latex gloves to protect your hands, closed-toe shoes, and goggles to prevent anything from entering your eyes. Remember: prevention is better than cure.
  • Work on a level ground, such as your garage, to keep your car stationary as you repair it.
  • Make sure to set aside the bolts and nuts to be able to know which piece goes to what part.

With these steps, you can surely install the fuel cell in no time. All you need are the tools needed, these steps, and you can speed up the road in no time. Good luck!

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