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If you go out to your vehicle, happen to glance down and notice the one of your Toyota hub caps is missing, there's no need to let that discovery ruin your day. Our online catalog, which features a broad range of aftermarket replacement parts and accessories for your vehicle, is virtually sure to have the right replacement Toyota hub caps for your vehicle. We have an excellent selection of original style replacement Toyota hub caps, but with one hub cap gone, you may want to take the opportunity to freshen or customize the look of your vehicle by choosing a new set of Toyota hub caps from among our wide selection of sleek, custom look styles. There are numerous styles of Toyota hub caps to choose from, ranging from the sporty, understated elegance of the Euro-inspired looks that have become so popular today to the gleaming urban-chic styles to the classic muscle look of polished stainless steel. You could choose from aluminum styles of Toyota hub caps, influenced by the look of the race track, or you can choose from among the retro-look styles, with one popular type having the inner part of the hub cap painted to match the exterior color of the vehicle. There are enough styles of Toyota hub caps to choose from that you could easily and affordably add a whole new look to your vehicle. You can find an excellent selection of Toyota hub caps in our online catalog, all readily available and always safe and easy to order from us, whether you choose to order using our securely encrypted online ordering site or by dialing our toll-free telephone number.

Toyota Hub Cap Buyer's Guide


  • This guide will briefly cover the benefits of hub caps and help you find the best ones for your Toyota.
  • Hub caps protect the wheel hubs and tires from debris and tire splatter. They also make your Toyota look better.
  • Toyota offers Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) hub caps tailored for its vehicles. Alternatively, you can get Original Equipment (OE) hub caps built by other companies.
  • The price tag of a hub cap can vary between $34 and $201. You can get individual caps or a set of 2 or 4 caps.
  • Try to get clip-on hub caps for better security. Make sure they fit your vehicle and match the size of the wheels.

Not every Toyota vehicle comes out of the factory with hub caps fitted on its wheels. That’s a shame since the wheel accessories can improve the wheels’ appearance and prolong their service lives. This guide will briefly cover their benefits and help you find the best Toyota hub caps.

What does a Toyota hub cap do?

Hub caps are metal disks mounted on the wheel’s center. They cover the wheel hub and its fasteners at a bare minimum and may extend to protect other portions of the wheel.

Wheel hub protection

The wheel hub connects a wheel to one of the car’s axles. Power from the engine goes through the transmission and the hub to reach the wheel.

Unfortunately, the wheel kicks up various materials while running. The wheel hub sits right in the tire splatter’s way and lacks the durability of the rest of the wheel. Solid stuff like dust and rocks can damage the hub while moisture from water, mud, and snow may lead to rust.

Hub caps fit over the wheel hubs. Made of sturdy materials with anti-corrosion features, the caps can withstand getting pelted by debris and won’t rust despite splash.

Tire protection

Not only do hub caps shield wheel hubs from tire splatter, but they also protect the tires themselves from the same debris kicked up by the latter. Fitting caps to your Toyota’s wheels can extend the service life of their tires and preserve their performance.

Improve your Toyota’s appearance

Hub caps not only protect the wheel hubs and tires. They also add a dash of flair and personality to your Toyota. Easy to install and replace, they offer a convenient way to personalize your vehicle.

Deciding between OEM and OE hub caps for your Toyota

Toyota offers Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) hub caps tailored for its vehicles. OEM parts mainly appear at official Toyota dealerships and authorized retailers, making them harder to get.

Alternatively, you can get Original Equipment (OE) hub caps. Built by other companies using the dimensions and specifications of OEM parts, they offer similar performance to Toyota-manufactured components. Another advantage of OE parts is availability, as practically all car parts shops carry them and often feature many options to choose from.

Cost of a replacement Toyota hub cap

The price tag of a hub cap can vary between $34 and $201. You can get individual caps or a set of 2 or 4 caps.

Choosing the most suitable Toyota hub caps

Picking a hub cap may seem simple at first. But you can make your life easier in the long run if you keep these tips in mind while browsing Toyota hub caps.

  • Retention method - Most hub caps use one of two retention mechanisms. Clip-on hub caps slot into a groove in the wheel hub while bolt-on hub caps rely on bolts and lug nuts. Try to get clip-on caps since their simpler design and fewer parts make them more difficult to dislodge by accident. 
  • Vehicle make and model - Wheels differ from vehicle to vehicle. Check the hub cap’s compatibility with your ride. Our online store features a filter bar that can find the best parts for your Toyota if you enter its year, make, and model. 
  • Wheel size - Measure the circumference and diameter of your Toyota’s wheels and use these dimensions to pick a hub cap of the right size. Most hub caps measure between 14 to 17 inches.

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